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Business Report Layout

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Business ReportStages in the Business CycleLars HoogvlietYr.11 Business StudiesMrs. BrophyExecutive StatementEvery business goes through the four business stages, whether it be a successful or unsuccessful enterprise. These stages are:EstablishmentGrowthMaturityPost-maturityThese four stages are the lifecycle of a business. A business goes through these stages from when it starts, till its cessation, and its length is determined by the skill and creativity of the entrepreneur, and the success of the business.The timeline presented above shows the four stages in a business life-cycle.Establishment Stage - This stage is when the business is at a high risk of failure, as it is its first stage- ...view middle of the document...

Backwards integration is when a supplier is taken over by itsbuyer.ii. Forward Integration - this happens when a supplier gains control of its buyer.iii. Horizontal Integration - when a business integrates with an enterprise in thesame or similar industry, i.e. making/selling similar goods or services.iv. Diversification/Conglomerate Integration - when a business takes over ormerges with a completely unrelated industry, eg. John's Bakery buying outMicrosoft.Maturity Stage - The business now has a steady income, and as long as they remain dynamic, and continue to satisfy the customer, the company has a good chance of surviving long-term. At this stage, the income starts to come to a constant rate.But as things become good, the last thing the entrepreneur should do is become lazy, or let product quality slacken. A major company reconstruction and reorganization may be required at this stage (refer to diagram).Changes to the product could include: new packaging, modify prices, or trying new marketing strategies.Post Maturity - Now the enterprise is undergoing one of four different possible outcomes (refer to diagram).These stages are as follows:Steady - The business is not expanding or declining, income remains same...

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