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Business Report: Book Bunker

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Business Report: Book Bunker
Fundamentals of E-Commerce
May 26, 2014
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Business Report: Book Bunker
E-marketing Initiative

Society has changed such that electronics and computers are now the primary tools for resources. This holds truth in both businesses, and in personal behaviors. Business never sleeps; Book Bunker has certainly made the correct decision to develop a website in view of the fact that business researcher conducted by marketing professionals have found that the internet, e-marketing has become an essential aspect for growth and customer retention. To begin, the web address must be simple and easy to remember. It is recommended not to complicate ...view middle of the document...

The desire for audio books has increased over the years. Allowing customers to purchase and download, this product will increase activity to the website. The website should also feature a search and request engine, eliminating the need for distance customers to call the store looking for rare texts. Additionally, hosting book discussion groups, where dates are made available on the website is another effective strategy for customer retention. Blogs should be placed in the website to review key interjection of the analysis while also allowing online members to post their opinion of certain chapters from the book discussion. The book club should highlight members of the month based on set marketing plans. To illustrate, members of the month can be based on members who have posted the most opinion as their thoughts attract likeminded individuals, subsequently new customers. Allowing these members to select a new book for review based on Book Bunkers online inventory is another plus. This encourages existing customers to visit the site often. The website should also feature a referral where members can recommend printed materials to friends, colleagues, and relatives. Other online methods include pay-per-click marketing or search engine optimization. These methods persuade prospective customers to Book Bunkers website.

In the same way, to show interest in serving the community, Book Bunker can partner with local schools or colleges and offer a safe place for students to obtain reading tutors, while also offering printable online discount coupons. This approach opens up communication for Book Bunker to place ads on other sites. For example, when partnering with local schools and colleges Book Bunker can place banners on respective sites increasing awareness of the brick and mortar locations. Providing discounts to students with this partnership keeps traffic in the brick and mortar locations. Also, placing ads with yellow book online and hiring college students to develop open source apps for cell phones or tablets allowing customers to search and order preferred reading material increases customer retention. Google is the educator's choice search engine. Developing Google® ads via this utility places Book Bunker on electronic devices across the world. To increase sales in addition to marketing strategy, Book Bunker should consider offering college books online. Students are always looking for inexpensive methods while attending college. Providing E-readers, exclusive to Book Bunkers data is another marketing and sales tool. Customers should be able to rent audio books and online materials accessible only via E-reader. This method increases the “other products” category. Global ads should appeal to each culture as well as being structured to the business target audience. Taking advantage of free internet listings is also an excellent idea. The more popular business advertising services are Yahoo!, and CitySearch have been very successful...

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