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Business Report

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MCD2050: Marketing 1 |
Assessment 2:
The Recycled Building Yard: Business Report |

1.0 Background of industry

The purity of recycled building products lies in decreasing needed for industry to recreate it. It is built on the environmental friendly industry. They usually are using recycled or second-hand building materials on a construction. The environment of construction products, mechanic of processes and apparatus are become more mostly obtainable (Lockwood, 2006).

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to assess whether recycled bricks of the Recycled Building Yard can satisfy consumers’ needs and wants in the mark place.

1.2 Limitation

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Because the current situation shows environmental construction products, mechanical processes and equipments are becoming more largely obtainable (Lockwood, 2006), the tendency of recycled building products will be sustainable.

2.02 Overall market

The main market of Recycled Building Yard is to sell the recycled building materials to landscapers, constructors and other consumers who want to protecting environment (The Recycled Building Yard, 2010). The final purpose of Recycled Building Yard is to make a long-term relationship with profitable consumers and deliver the high quality of building products in return.

2.03 Marketing segment

Psychographic factors:
This kind of factor is related people on different type of lifestyle. People who are pay attention to a green and healthy lifestyle cause them to purchasing environmentally friendly materials.

Demographic factors:
The major age group of Recycled Building Yard is the middle age period people who are between 30 to 50 years old, which means they have family, children and a steady job. This group of people are almost at or beyond middle class in society so that they want to improve their living conditions. Moreover, this group of consumer are all educated. Hence they get a sense of protecting environment.

Geographic factors:
The Recycled Building Yard divides Australia into different segmentations, such as Sydney, Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. The reason is that after the firm break up into different regions, they can easily provide different products to satisfied different needs in separate areas (Kotler et al., 2010). The Recycled Building Yard mostly deliver its products to suburban instead of city, because people in those areas have more time and estates and they are also more likely making alterations to their houses.

2.1 Product category

The Recycled Building Yard can provide most of recycled building materials, from second-hand bricks, recycled floors, recycled-content insulation and more. Their product categories include recycled bricks, kitchen and bath, windows and doors, pants and finished and other building products. There are all 100 percent recycled materials.
However, in this report is using recycled bricks as an instance to evaluate whether this kind of product can satisfy consumers’ needs and wants.

2.2 Competitors

The company always faced on many on competitors. They need to analysis and compare the both of situations of competitors and themselves, in order to make a better decision on the long-term market.

| Competitors’ objectives | strategies | Strengths and weakness | Reaction | Attack and avoid |
Heritage Building Centre | To satisfy the needs and wants of designers, architects, builders, and the general public. | Quick deliveryTo extensive range of antiques and recycled building materials comprises | * Cheap * Not wide variety of products * Limitation of delivery extension ...

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