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Business Process Reengineering Essay

566 words - 3 pages


• Why is data required for BPR?
Understand the types of data relevant to the process
Learn how to identify which data to collect
Understand sampling and other data collection

Why to collect data?
• Data is used in process analysis
− To quantify the problem at hand (“it takes too long for getting
a passport” vs. “issuance of the passport takes 41 days on
− To identify which sub process is the least efficient
− Shows bottlenecks, idle time, productive time
• Use of Data in Monitoring & Evaluation
− To identify the metrics to be monitored post implementation
of BPR
− Setting target metrics (“to-be” state)
− To obtain baseline metrics (“as-is” state)
-- To measure and showcase project success (“Average time for
passport issuance has come down from 41 days to 5 days”)

Measure of Excellence / Performance metrics

Critical To Process metrics (CTPs)

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For example, in MS Office, we can
generate flowcharts in
− Microsoft Word
− Microsoft Excel
− Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Vision is a dedicated graphing software that can also
be used to advanced graphing and additional reporting
• Other similar (free) applications on the Windows platform
− Dia 0.96: Dia is designed to be much like the Windows
program 'Visio'.

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