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Business Process Model.

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The organization which will be presented with this Business Process Model is Insurance Auto Auctions. This firm works in partnership with a variety of sellers, including insurance companies, dealerships, rental car companies, fleet lease companies, and charities to facilitate the efficient sale, disposal, and transportation of total loss and unwanted vehicles (Insurance Auto Auctions, n.d.). Insurance Auto Auctions has been in business since 1982 and is considered one of the leaders in the salvage auto auction industries (Insurance Auto Auctions, n.d.). There are over 150 Insurance Auto Auction locations is the ...view middle of the document...

1. The objective of the process.
The definition of a business process is a series of logically related activities or tasks (such as planning, production, or sales) performed together to produce a defined set of results (Business Dictionary, n.d.). This definition would apply to the objective of the transportation process. The transportation process would combine the activities performed by the sales team with the activities performed by the transportation department to ensure that both units are working together to effectively develop goals and deadlines that are reachable by the transportation team. The focus of the improvements will be on the actions that make the customer service experience better for our customers, as well as our partner’s customers, and on reducing wasted time and effort. The goal of this business process model will be to develop a complete transportation process that will enable managers, sales personnel, and staff to streamline the transportation process as well as improve its flow. The outcomes of this business process model are to essentially add value for the customer, reduced costs for the company, which will lead to an increase in profits for the firm. This process should also help the firm increase its competitive advantage, market growth, and hopefully increase staff retention among the subcontracted transportation companies.

2. The scope (Where the process begins and ends).
The transportation process will begin with the sales team meeting with the customers and developing the goals and time frames that must be kept under the contact with each provider. This first step in the business process will set the goals that must be met by the transportation department. Once the goals have been set by sales team and then agreed upon by the customers, the customers will then submit their pick up assignments to Insurance Auto Auctions. After the assignments have been submitted the transportation department will then facilitate contact the owner of the vehicle, or the storage facility holding the vehicle, in order to schedule pick up of the salvage. The next step in the business process will be to dispatch a transportation company to pick up the vehicle. Upon pick up of the vehicle the transportation company will then deliver the vehicle to Insurance Auto Auctions. Upon arrival at Insurance Auto Auctions the transportation company will provide the transportation department with...

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