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Business Policy Essay

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1) An organisation coporate planning and strategy will be fruitless without the synergistic work of functional department.
2) What do you understand by organisational restructuring.
3) Pick a typical Nigerian business organisation and explain vividly your own understanding of business restructuring.

Q1. Coporate planning is a systematic approach to clarifying objectives, strategic decision making and checking progress towards objectives. A corporate plan is a set of instructions to managers of an organisation describing what role each department is expected to fufil in achievement of organisational objectives. Another word for coporate planning is ...view middle of the document...

Q2. Organisational restructuring refers to the repositioning of an organisation's strategic focus. The process entails the organisation's changing key internal structure(s) i.e (legal, ownership, operational or strategic), so that it is better able to meet its present and evolving needs. In many instances, the restructuring is precipitated by an unexpected, emergency crisis or event that forces the organisation to respond quickly to prevent a threat to its survival, such as a bankruptcy or insolvency. However, organisations need not wait for a grave threat to materialise before engaging in a strategic restructuring. Infact, an organisational restructuring in the absence of crisis can result in activities that produce higher level of strategic value, which can substantially mitigate, if not entirely prevent, the emergency from arising in the first place.
Q2b. Using Access bank's Nigeria business combination with intercontinental Bank...
Access bank completed its acquisition of Intercontinental Bank as the two financial...

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