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Business Planning Licensed Trade Essay

1963 words - 8 pages

Linda Vanner

The Royal Oak,


The Business.

~Competitors, market place and market trends.
~The Customer (guest) profile & local Community
~S.W.O.T. Analysis.

Business Opportunities.

~Sales building, Cost & profitability.
~Timeslot analysis.
~Financial Planning and monitoring.
~Team Building, Service and Standards.

Short, Medium and Long Term Planning

Achievement and measures of success within –
~One Week
~One Months
~Six Months
~Twelve Months
Competitors, market place and market trends

The Royal Oak is situated between two large housing estates at the South locale of Stafford. It is close and easily accessible ...view middle of the document...

Poor NSF scores, shoddy hygiene and cleanliness and management standards throughout the business.
Fractured, demotivated team due to poor leadership.
Reputation of the Oak isn't great due to inconsistent standards and performance, was quite widely slated on a local Facebook site, “New Spotted Stafford” last year.
Poor Empathica scores and response rate.
Wet sales growth through maximisation of Green Card, Charity nights, darts, dominoes and pool teams, quizzes and fun days/BBQs outside.
Push for food growth through consistently delivering quality.
Well kept cask ale and greater interaction and better relationship with Staffordshire CAMRA.
Increased utilisation of the function room for parties, functions and business use.
Improved reputation by delivering flawless execution from all the team, all the time.
Build links with a broad base of the local community by using digital marketing of the pub more effectively.
Market the function room for hire to corporate users due to convenient accessibility to the M6.
Liaise with local funeral directors to ensure the pub function facilities are endorsed by them as a recommended location.

Plenty of other pubs to drink in Stafford.
Poor reputation discouraging new users.
Needs to be tackled quickly before it slips further.

The current Standards and Team

On my last visit the carpark and approach to The Royal Oak was poor, littered with chip papers etc and ashtrays overflowing. Xmas POS still not changed and emanating a general air of neglect which did not tempt me to venture any further.
The pub itself was just OK, not blowing my mind, quite dusty and lacking attention to detail and the team made no attempt to welcome or draw me into the pub, interact or converse with me. Nothing was recommended or sold and huge opportunities to create a vibrant and welcoming buzz were missed. The pub was extremely quiet for a weekend evening but in terms of service excellence, it just wasn't delivering. No personality, no soul, I wouldn't choose to stay. These are quick win opportunities to bring the Oak back to life!

Business Opportunities

Sales Building, cost and Profitability

The Royal Oak should be the biggest threat to any other pub within the local community, a giant of a pub with facilities to offer that no one else has, location, size, gardens, and brilliant footfall it should be absolutely buzzing with vibrancy and life and it currently just isn't even in the game! Planning needs to be put into place now to ensure the sales decline is stopped and the pub shows growth quickly. The following should be implemented:
Digital marketing via Facebook post outreach promotion would help the pub reach in excess of 3000 local people per targeted post should be used to maximise green card offers and increase buy in to that offer, as well as boosting engagement in the current quiz nights.
Summer planning needs to be started to ensure maximisation of...

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