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ECV Turning up the Heat in the North East

The profitability of a beef suckler herd is directly related to the number of calves reared per cow annually. Commercial suckler herds should aim for a tighter calving period with cows producing a viable calf every 365 days.
The average calving period for lowland suckler herd is 21 weeks, compared to the 12 week target and reducing the calving period from 21 weeks to 12 weeks can increase revenue from extra weaning weight by more than £2000 for a 50 cow herd.
Tighter calving periods will increase profitability. If the weaning date on the farm stays constant then a calf born in the first 3 weeks of calving will on average have a weaning age of ...view middle of the document...

The SCR Heatime System is a standalone, long-distance, terminal-based system that provides a complete reproduction and health monitoring solution by recording cow/heifer activity. This data is then collected, interpreted and analysed to deliver an accurate indication of breeding potential. This data can also be used to give health and nutritional insights for the farmer in a user-friendly format.
SCR Heatime works by monitoring the cow’s activity with a unique motion-sensor tag which records cow activity in 2 hour blocks, providing detailed data on the cow’s activity levels and their intensity.
The data is collected each time the cow passes under the ID unit, the data is transferred from the tag to the Heatime control box using infra-red communication. This allows the base unit to be sited close to water troughs and other well-used routes so the animal’s activity data will be picked up regularly.
The activity data is analysed by the system and separates the cow’s day to day activity from oestrus related activities. The screen shows obvious peaks when the cow is in heat and indicates the optimum time for inseminating the cow.
In addition, SCR Heatime will highlight cows with low activity levels which can act as an early indication that an animal requires attention. The home screen will flash up as a ‘health alert’...

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