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Business Plan Template Essay

1543 words - 7 pages

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Business Plan
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Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
1. Business Owner(s) & Product/Service
2. Mission Statement
3. Company Structure
4. Target Market(s)
5. Current Opportunity
6. Projection of Business Future
7. Financial Summary
II. Market Analysis
8. Industry, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
9. Competitive Analysis (Appendix B)
10. Demographics & Target Market
11. Entry Barriers
III. Marketing Strategy
12. Product/Service
13. Sales Strategy
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Company Structure

i. State sole proprietorship
ii. LLC
iii. Corporation
iv. General Partnership
v. Limited Partnership
vi. Status of business (start-up, expansion of a going concern, take-over of existing business, franchise, etc.).

4. Target Market(s)

i. Who are the customers?
1. Industrial
2. Consumers
3. Government

ii. Is your business B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), B2G (business to government), etc. Explain.

5. Current Opportunity

i. Why is the opportunity currently available to you?
1. New idea or technology?
2. No competition?
3. Special skills?

6. Projection of Business Future

i. What is the future of the business?
1. Limited (time) opportunity or timeless?
2. Why?

7. Financial Summary

i. Total amount of funds sought for venture: $
ii. Total amount of estimated startup costs: $
iii. Total amount of projected average monthly expenses: $
iv. Total amount of projected average monthly revenue: $

II. Market Analysis
1. Determines access to the market by studying the industry, competitors and customer demographics (so you can choose a target market).

2. Industry, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

i. What industry does your product/service mix fall under? What has this industry done in the last several years, what is it doing today, and what do industry analysts (trade organizations) predict for the future?

3. Competitive Analysis (Appendix B)

i. Who is the competition? If there are many it will be easy to enter the market, but hard to get significant share- If there are few, it might be harder to enter, but you could gain significant share.

4. Demographics & Target Market

i. Do a thorough study of the population demographics in the market your business will sell in. Then, decide what type of person (target market) will buy your product. Does the population demographic in your area have enough match well? Is there enough of this type of client (target market) in your area to have a successful business?

ii. Market Segments can include:
1. Age
2. Sex
3. Income
4. Education Level
5. Occupation
6. Location (region, neighborhoods)
7. Lifestyle (psychographics, hobbies)
8. Business Organization (size, industry)
9. Religion

5. Entry Barriers

i. Are there barriers to entry? High entry cost? High risk and cost to get in, but limits the amount of competitors. Low entry cost? Low risk and cost to get in, but likely to have many...

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