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Business Plan Sample Essay

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Management is incorporated into every aspect of an organization, with different roles and responsibilities. Management of an organization is a great job which needs the three important roles.
1.Interpersonnel Roles
2.Informational Roles
3.Decisional Roles

Interpersonel Roles

1. Figurehead: It means symbolic-head. His activities include ceremony, status requests and solicitations.
The term 'figurehead' is frequently used to describe a powerless person who represents an organization without having real authority, but when the figurehead has responsibilities within the other nine managerial roles, there is not a negative ...view middle of the document...

'It turns out,' you say, 'that the services provided by my company are just what you need!' Something as simple as giving a friend your hairdresser's name after you've been complimented on your haircut makes you a liaison.
Infomationl Roles

1. Monitor: This means, seeking and receiving a wide variety of special information to develop a thorough understanding of organization and environment. He acts as the nerve centre of internal and external information. His activities include receiving information and creating a knowledge base.
- research information and analyze data from inside and outside of your area of responsibility
2. Disseminator: This means, transmission of outside information to his subordinate. His role includes filtering, clarifying, interpreting and integrating different information so that value-added knowledge emerges for organizational use. His activities also support verbal communication with subordinate’s review meeting, etc.
a disseminator who gets the information to stakeholders(anyone influencing or affected by decisions).

3. Spokesperson: This means transmitting information to outsiders on the behalf of the organization or department that he heads. He serves as an expert to clarify the organizational plan, policies, actions and results. His activities include handling mails and contacts with outsiders
-whenever any employee of an organization communicates publicly he or she takes on the role of spokesperson. craft and communicate the organization's image and message to the public.

Decisional Roles

1.Entrepreneur: This means, searching the organization and its environment for opportunities and initiating the “improvement (or change) process” to bring about transformation. This involves designing and completing projects for changes, leading to improvements. His actions involve strategy formulation, change-management, team-building and project handling.
Entrepreneurs drive process improvements, creatively spark new ideas, solve problems, and make innovation...

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