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Business Plan Outline

1030 words - 5 pages

Section 1
Product and Services
2. Explain how your business will be specialized in terms of the products and/or services you will offer.
The Customers
3. Explain how your business will be specialized in terms of customers groups you will be targeting.
The opportunity
4. Identify any circumstances or events that have led to a need that your business intends to satisfy. Be clear on why now is a good time to start a business such as this
The Owner(s)
5. Name and give a brief background for each of the owner. Explain why this history is appropriate for running a business such as this one. Attach a resume for each of the owners as an appendix.
6. Identify any ...view middle of the document...

4. Explain why this choice of a cite is appropriate for what are you selling and appropriate for customer groups to whom you are selling.
Site Expenses
5. If you are leasing business premises, outline the major provisions of the lease including all rental and maintenance fees and renewal terms.
If your business is home-based, calculate what percentage of the home (square footage) will be used exclusively for business purposes. Explain the ownership or leasing arrangements of the home.
Market Potential
6. Clearly define the market potential that you will be estimating. In other words, you will be calculating the annual expenditures of which group of potential customers (who) on what product or service?
7. List all relevant data that you have gathered, indicating the sources. (If the information is extensive, attach the list of sources as an appendix).
8. Clearly explain any calculations or logic involved in estimating the market potential and indicate the dollar value of your estimate.
9. Name, locate and briefly describe any direct competitors that you will have to deal with. Provide an estimate of the sales of each, explaining your sources of information.
10. Name, locate and briefly describe any indirect competition that you will have to deal with.
11. Describe any advantages that you will have over the competition.
Sales Forecast
12. Make as many sales forecast estimates as you can, using different methods. Rank the different estimates to show the range of sales you might expect.
13. From the information above, choose or calculate a single conservative estimate of sales that you will use for planning you business, Explain you choice.
Protecting Business
14. Briefly describe any business insurance you will carry, explaining the coverage the premiums, and the payment schedule.
15. Explain any techniques that you will use for protection against theft or other dangers to which the business could be subject.
16. Describe any intellectual property of the business and how this will be protected.
Section 3
1. Describe the image that your...

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