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Business Plan Of Fried And Dried Food

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Independent University, Bangladesh
Course Title: Introduction to Business
Course ID: BUS 201
Section: 06

Business Plan For:T&S Food Court (A New Experience of DRIED and FRIED Food)

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School of Business.
Independent University, Bangladesh.

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Group Members:
* Md. Tariqul Islam Prodhan (Group leader) ---------1130146
* Md. Abu Sayem Siddique---------1130155
* Md. Maruful Islam ---------1130135
* Abdulla AlMamun ---------1220731
* Ashfaqur Rahman---------1221318
* Md. Arid Uddin Tishad ---------1220280
* Mirza Eqramul Haq ---------1120063
* Mirza Nazmul Haq ---------1120064
* Md. Anikuzzaman ...view middle of the document...

Our customers can customize the product and services by letting us know what they actually want.
We will mainly focus on teenagers and youngsters aged between12 to 30. But people of all ages can enjoy our products. We will establish the store at Bashundhara, Dhaka. Since we will produce our products at a very low expense, our customers can enjoy the products at a moderate rate. Upper middle classed and middle classed people can afford them.
Our proposed capital is 4,200,000 taka. Each partner will contribute 300,000 taka and take the Bank loan 1,500,000 taka. With that money, we will make a budget plan and purchase raw materials, machinery, store decorating accessories and other necessary things. Employees’ payments, store maintenance expenses etc. and other supplementary charges will also be included in that budget. The budget will not exceed its limit.
In fine, our store is expected to gain a position in the market and to get the Profit maximization and we are eagerly waiting to start our business and satisfy young generation.


Business Description Written By Tariqul Islam Prodhan | Page No. 1 |
Objectives Written By Tariqul Islam Prodhan | Page No. 1-2 |
Our Product & Service Written By Md. Arid UddinTishad | Page No. 2-5 |
Business Environment &Market Analysis Written By Abdulla Al Mamun&AshfaqurRahman | Page No. 5-9 |
Sales And Marketing Plan Written By MirzaNazmulHaq | Page No. 9-10 |
Operational Plan Written By Mirza EqramulHaq | Page No. 10-12 |
Management Summary Written By Md. Maruful Islam | Page No. 12 |
Financial, Risk Management and Loan Proposal Plan Written By Md. Abu SayemSiddique | Page No.13-17 |
Conclusion | Page No. 17 |
Appendix | Page No. 18 |

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION (Tariqul Islam Prodhan):

Bangladesh is blessed with various fishes, fruits and vegetables. Shrimps, carp fishes, hilsha fishes, seasonal fruits and vegetables etc. are plentiful here. People of our country love to take these things. But some vegetables and seasonal fruits are only found during a short specific period. And because of their perishable nature, they cannot be preserved easily. So we will dry them and prepare numerous items and thus they can be preserved. And the greatest advantage we will get during the off seasons. We will then dry them, store them and serve them whenever we want.
We will start the dry food store as a retailing business. Even so, we will manufacture our products inside our store as well. We will not only serve food but also make gift packs or parcels for customers. In addition, customers can order their products according to their favorite shapes, colors and tastes. And Bashundhara is a favorable place to draw customers’ attraction. It is noteworthy that, we have relatively fewer competitors. As a matter of fact, our customers will get a different taste from our products.

OBJECTIVES (Tariqul Islam Prodhan):


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