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Business Plan: Hiking And Mountaineering Guide Company

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BUSINESS PLAN: “Mountain Star” Hiking and Mountaineering guide company

• Nature and objectives of the business
• Personnel
• Services
• Target customers
• Advertising
• Location
• Equipment
• Sales forecast
• Budget


The main business activity of the company will be to provide tourists with trained guides for hiking or climbing and mountaineering in the Romanian mountains. Its purpose, besides profit, will be to create a positive attitude towards Romania from foreign and local tourists, and to develop a prosperous tourism in the Romanian mountains while preserving and respecting the natural environment. It will be a family ...view middle of the document...

Payment will be done before the trip. Initially the company will need around 30 employees. The guides will need to be licensed as competent in the domain and be fluent in English (compulsory), and preferably also in French and other languages of international circulation. They will be instructed to thoroughly apply safety measures and act wisely while on a hike of climb, so that the risk of accidents and other unwanted events is reduced to minimum. The guides will provide the tourists with instructions and advice on how, where, when the journey will take place, aid them on the way, show them attractive locations and make sure the trip takes place safely.
The market regarding guided trips and hiking is extremely dissipated and incoherent in Romania, most Romanians preferring to handle their own trips. Regarding foreign tourists however, our company will prove extremely useful to them because most have either limited or no knowledge about the Carpathians and their particularities.
Our target customers will be both foreign and Romanian tourists, so we will use some advertising in English, French, German and Italian. The company will use mostly street advertising and only a limited amount of mass media advertising, firstly because foreign tourists will not likely watch or listen to much mass media, and secondly because it is a cheaper solution.
Our main competitors will be mostly individuals who work on their own, as there are no major companies yet in the domain. Given this fact, our initiative might be a first in tourism if successful


We believe that Sinaia is a very suitable town for establishing our main headquarters, because the city is a popular destination for hiking and winter sports, especially downhill skiing. We have chosen this town because it is a good place for tourists to start climbing; it is a much easier point for beginning the mountain path. This town has many other attractive sights the most important being Peleş Castle, Pelişor Castle, Sinaia Monastery, Sinaia train station, and the Franz Joseph and Saint Anne Cliffs.
There will also be offices in the main mountain resorts: Busteni, which is very well known for mountaineering during summer time, Predeal, where there are many ski tracks, and Poiana Brasov, where the main attraction during winter is represented by skiing.
The offices are close to the mountains so the time for transportation will be reduced and the cost will be lower.
For the main headquarters we decided to purchase the office in order to avoid problems which might appear with the renting contract, problems that might endanger our business.
The offices...

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