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Business Plan Final Project Essay

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I am here with you today to show you how I plan to run a successful business. The name of my business is D and C Café. This restaurant is going to be located in an office building where there are doctors, lawyers, and other businesses that have clients coming in throughout the day. The employees of this office building as well as clients have to travel at least 10 minutes to go somewhere for lunch. There is no other food service in this building. This café would make an exceptional addition to this office building.
The café I am starting will be geared for customers that work and visit the BG plaza office building. We will have a menu that is geared more towards food that can be prepared ...view middle of the document...

I want to make sure I have the staff that can handle the financial reports.
The internal controls I will put in place are the establishment of responsibility; this is where “control is most effective when only one person is responsible for a given task.” (Kieso et al. 2003) Next is the segregation of duties, this will help by just having one person responsible for one task. These tasks will be rotated about once every three months to help prevent one employee from trying to cover mistakes. All the documents such as checks, invoices, etc. will be pre numbered and kept in a safe. The only person with a key to that safe will be the person in charge of these items. This will help cut down on theft. The records will be audited by me periodically by surprise so no employee will have time to hide anything. I expect all my employees to use the code of ethics for their job.
The managers of D and C Café will use the financial reports to predict the cash on hand at the end of each report period. These reports will show cost of materials, supplies, and labor. They will...

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