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Business Plan Example Art And Furniture

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Index 1. Executive Summary 2. Products and/or services n The products and/or services n Market segmentation n Sector analysis and opportunities n The competition 3. Business concept n Core business n Strategic partners / stakeholders (who does what?) n Added value for clients 4. Commercialization n Price setting n Marketing and sales n Sales interface n Service after sales 5. Organisation and administration n Management n Employees and structure

Executive Summary The Vision: I want to introduce a modern African Art Scene to Antwerpen. This stems from an idea of people to express them ...view middle of the document...

For a well-designed interior you need the products to accentuate one another. For this reason and many more it becomes apparent to bring in glasses, bowls, vases and decorations that have been glass-blowed individually. I would also like to bring in more light products like handmade beaded cushions, serviette holders, coasters and beaded decorations. There are many products being explored but these 3 forms are at the forefront.

- The services Door to door delivery is a necessity. The artwork needs to be delivered on time in the same condition in which it left the shop. There is only one option for me, I want to maintain a form of professionalism and I would like to be involved in some way, so I would in all likelihood buy car or van. There will be no warranty once the product is placed in your house. - Market Segmentation The metropolitan area of Antwerp, including the outer commuter zone has a total of 1,190,769 inhabitants as of 1 January 2008. The Nieuwsblad gave a really good indication of how the annual income was spread in and around Antwerp. 4&h=49409 Population – Males – Females – Density Age distribution 0–19 years 20–64 years 65+ years Foreigners Unemployment rate 461,496 (2006-01-01) 49.03% 50.97% 2257 inhab./km²
(1 January 2006)

22.32% 58.47% 19.21% 13.65% (1 July 2007) 16.72% (1 January 2006)

Most notable is the amount of tourists that visit Antwerp each year. Every year tourists from southern Netherlands do their day-to-day shopping. Also with their great port many cruise ships come past providing the perfect time for wealthy individuals looking to buy diamonds and luxury designer wear. I have recently come across a website that stated that 70’000 Great Britons come a year. I will definitely need to research more on the matter of market segmentation and demographics however recent signs show it will be great for the business plan. - Sector Analysis and opportunities It has been a statistical nightmare trying to find the proper or the correct info regarding the art market. I have spent a long time on the internet and I find minimal info useful. This may need a more of a “phone and find out approach.”

The opportunity is to bring in sophisticated pieces of interior art and kitchenware at a low price to contend with mass-produced products of a similar nature. - The Competition Antwerp boasts numerous art galleries, in the fields of Photography ( ), painting ( ), art jewelry ( ) and many furniture stores that could serve as completion as well. Business concept - Core business The main essential part of my business plan is to bring African Art décor products to Europe with intention to sell, deliver and to promote Africa as a...

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