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Business Plan Example Essay

4101 words - 17 pages

Sample Business Plan
By Roger Miller
Prepared September 2010

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Part I: Introduction 4
Part 2: The Company and Management 5
The Mission Statement 5
Industry Profile 5
Company Profile and Strategy 6
Anticipated Challenges and Planned Responses 7
The Management Team 7
Part 3: Marketing 9
Market Analysis 9
The Product or Service 9
Sales and Promotion 10
Part 4: The Financials 11

Executive Summary
The Vault Grill will be located in the town of Mainland, Pennsylvania, a city of approximately 20,000 people. The restaurant will offer a friendly casual dining atmosphere for people of all ages. We will serve a large variety of meals ...view middle of the document...

It is located toward the end of town in the former National Bank building. The original bank offers a unique atmosphere with vaulted ceilings, marble floors, and unique windows in the upper areas. We are planning on keeping the original vault and some of the other fittings to preserve the historical nature of the building.
Our business will be a limited liability company. We have structured the business as a LLC for personal protection since we will also be serving liquor.
All partners are well qualified to run this restaurant. Steven Samulson has a degree in Hospitality Management. He has managed several successful restaurants, including Henry’s Meat House and The Funky Kitchen. Roger Miller has a degree in business management, and in addition to a strong background in financial management, was recently a partner in a local steak house franchise. Joe Mesland, our grill master, was the head chef at the Cajun Grill for the last ten years and won the prestigious 2007 Silver Spoon award.
Our business will thrive for a number of reasons. First, the city of Mainland has a stable population, with a number of healthy industries and a neighboring college. Second, the local population is upstream middle class. We believe that this segment of the population will have the desire and income to eat out on a regular basis.
Our skills and knowledge in food service, combined with our connections to the community, will make this business a sound investment.

The Vault Grill
The Vault Grill will be located in the town of Mainland. The restaurant will offer a friendly casual dining atmosphere for people of all ages. We will serve a large variety of great meals and desserts, but our specialty will be our grilled of fish, steaks, and burgers.
The business will be a limited liability corporation with three primary partners. Each partner has special skills that they bring to the business.
Our ideal customers are those who are looking for a fun and casual place to have a great and affordable meal. We plan to cater to business men and women during the lunch hour and in the after-work hours as well as to the students and faculty of the nearby college. We will have special promotions focused on each of these two groups that will be discussed later.
Our grilled entrees will define our customer’s experience and persuade them to choose The Vault Grill over the other restaurant choices in the area. The main appeal of the grilled entrees is the flavor, since Joe Mesland, the grill master, has several special rubs and sauces that offer a unique taste to any meat or fish entree. Customers can select how they would like their entrée prepared by selecting a dry rub or sauce of varying spiciness. Second, we offer a fun and casual atmosphere that encourages people to relax and enjoy their time spent at the restaurant.

The Vault Grill is...

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