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Business Plan

My group and I are members of a small chemical company that are going
in to business to produce Epsom salts. (Information on Epsom salts can
be found in 'background information). Our company name is 'The Epsom
Company'. In order to be the best company we have to ensure the Epsom
salts we produce are a good quality. But despite this we are also
looking to make a profit and so cost must be as limited as possible.
We will need to pay strict attention to the cost of apparatus and
equipment and aim to use a minimum amount of chemicals to produce the
maximum amount of Epsom salts. Time is also an issue and the least
time spent means more ...view middle of the document...

Epsom salts are made by reacting magnesium/magnesium carbonate with
sulphuric acid (,which I will be doing in this experiment). The
chemical formula for Epsom salts is MgSO4.7H2O. I have also researched
information on the two chemicals I will be using in this experiment;
sulphuric acid and magnesium.

Sulphuric acid is a clear, colourless, oily, and odourless liquid. Its
chemical formula is H2 SO4. It is also known as battery acid, and
hydrogen sulphate. In the United States more sulphuric acid is
produced than any other chemical. Its main use is in phosphate
fertilizer production. But it also has a number of other uses, most of
which have been listed below.

* manufacturing explosives

* producing other acids

* producing parchment paper

* making glue

* making wood preservatives

* producing lead-acid batteries in vehicles

* purification of petroleum

* pickling of metal

* electroplating baths

* in nonferrous metallurgy

* production of rayon and film

* a laboratory reagent

Sulphuric acid is very corrosive. It can be found in the air as small
droplets or it can be attached to other small particles in the air.
When concentrated sulphuric acid is mixed with water, the solution
gets very hot. Concentrated sulphuric acid can catch fire or explode
when it comes into contact with many chemicals, including acetone,
alcohols, and metals. When heated, it emits highly toxic fumes that
include sulphur trioxide. It is capable of igniting finely divided
combustible materials. It is reactive with organic materials,
chlorates, carbides, fulminates, water, and powdered metals. It is
soluble in water and ethyl alcohol.

The health effects of sulphuric acid are very corrosive and irritating
and can cause direct effects on the skin, eyes, and respiratory and
gastrointestinal tracts when there is direct exposure to sufficient
concentrations. It can cause blindness if thrown on the eyes. Drinking
concentrated sulphuric acid can burn the mouth and throat, erode a
hole in the stomach, and possibly cause death. Breathing sulphuric
acid mists can result in tooth erosion and respiratory tract
irritation. Breathing small droplets of sulphuric acid that may be in
polluted air may make it more difficult to breathe. Breathing large
amounts of sulphuric acid droplets will also decrease the ability of
the respiratory tract to remove other small particles in the
respiratory tract.

Magnesium is the lightest of the structural metals with a density of
only 1.74 However, magnesium is used as a structural metal in
an alloyed form and most magnesium alloys have a density slightly
higher than this. Magnesium is a reactive metal and is usually found
in nature in the form of and oxide, carbonate or silicate, often in

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