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Business Plan 1 Essay

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Glamorous Salon
Glamorous Salon ?! Glamorous means an air of compelling charm , romance and
Excitement . The quality of fascinating , alluring or attracting especially by a combination of charm and good looks . Glamorous , was a term applied to a magical-occult spell that was cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wished them to see . Like when you come and try our services , you can spell out what do you want to make our employees for you , and after you told them , they can make the magical spell , the better services , for you to become much better .

Description of Business
Glamorous Salon , this is a cosmetic salon and has a lot of services and all the ...view middle of the document...

In beauty treatment , facials for controlling the oil on your face and to stay young , massage for the body and skin for increasing the mental well-being , for nails in manicure is a treatment for the hands involving the nail polish and we also offer a nail art in that art you hand will getting attractive , and for pedicure is a treatment for feet involving the toenails and the softening and removal of calluses . We assure that all the cosmetics that we used has a brand , like avon , EB , clinique , Revlon , loreal , mary kay , maybelline and natural wonder . The pricing of our salon is not so expensive we assure that they can afford all the services that we can offer to our customers .

Marketing Plan
Glamorous Salon is providing wide range of services like , Hair Dressing (Hair Styles, Hair Cutting, Rebounding, Perming, Coloring)Skin Treatment (Facials, Massage and Make-up)
Glamorous Salon seeks to provide following benefits that are important for its customers . Convenience, Glamorous Salon is situated in a centrally located area. Customer Service, Serving the customers with superior attention by providing quality service. Competitive Pricing, It offers pricing bit less than other competitive salons . The marketing trends of our salon are the increasing the number of working women , increasing the competition among other salons , rapid change in technology & fashions and pay more attention to personnel beauty.

This salon is for individuals , for all persons who wants to come and try our services . We know that they need something that can make their selves looks better , glam and healthier , that’s why we assure that all they’re wants or needs was be given to them when they try our services and we give them an affordable services . To we can get more customers and have them to come back , as a salon owner all I have to do is create a simple steps to make my customers experience more pleasurable when they are in my salon . First is to greet them well , I’ll train all my hair stylish to greet our customers with a great smile , because customers like to spend more time where the people are polite and professional . Offer a better consultation because there are customers who knows the exact things that they want you to do with them and before we begin our services we talk to them and learn about what their wanted to do with them . Be Friendly , while our customers is in our salon , we starting a conversation with them to learn about what their likes and dislikes about hair and beauty services . And lastly we can make suggestion and offer some tips to show in our customers that we really care about them . And with that simple steps that we can do to our customers we assure that they would come back to our salon . We satisfied them by our services that all of the customer’s needs will be given , we give all their wants us to do with them with affordable costs that they can enjoy the services of the salon and to make them much...

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