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Business Org Essay

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Business Organization and Management

The case is about the ethical dilemmas of a retail apparel company trying to cut corners to make opening of new stores faster.

In opening a new branch, retail apparel companies try to construct faster because malls are already asking for payments. This pressures the company to open their store immediately to be able to pay the malls. But there are certain permits that have to be accomplished for anyone to open a new store and government offices usually take a long time to process permit requests because of the lack of manpower (one person is assigned to many tasks, thus making it harder to fast track processing of permits) and they ...view middle of the document...

The team suggests that these steps has to be carefully identified immediately after the approval from the mall. When these steps are identified, a point person/s in the company has to be assigned to do a specific task. In this case, we have identified building permit, mayor’s/city permit and business permits have to be secured. Taking into consideration that these are three different branches of government and each one might be time consuming to secure, it might be wise to assign two or three employees to do the job. Each one would be given a day (a maximum of two days for the approval of the permits).

Also, take into consideration that there are certain kinds of permits, like mayor’s/city permit and construction permits can only be secured upon the approval of a business permit. Since this is a pre-requisite to all other permits, this has to be given priority. Upon the approval of the business permit, copies of which will be given to the other employees securing the secondary permits. Obtaining requiremements like approved building plans, electrical plans etc from the architect even before the application of the permit will...

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