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Business On Your Doorstep Essay

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Business on your doorstep
Waitrose is a British based supermarket that has branched from one small chain over decades of hard work by their employees; there purpose is to bring quality to the supermarket industry they were also voted the best supermarket In the UK just being bumped of the top by Aldi.
It is also Britain's largest employee-owned retailer this is part of their partnership scheme they run, as they like to run a business who get involved with others such as the community, as it shows they like to become a family with customers. Their main Intention is to "lift the food trade to a higher plane". As said by the creator of such a big company.
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The company’s CEO pursues to use the skills, knowledge and knowledge of each stakeholder group to advance the organisation’s lasting aims
Waitrose stakeholders

Stakeholders | Influence | Key interests |
Employees | Their employees are all co-owners of the business and share in its success and have a say in how the business is run. They also have an 'external voice' as advocates for our business and all that we do. By engaging with our Partners. | • Job fulfilment.• Long-term future of the company and its impression and sustainability.• Business change and job security.• Business values and agreement. |
Customers and local communities | Employees aim to deal honestly with customers and secure loyalty and trust through the outstanding quality Waitrose brigs to the supermarket trade. Waitrose also commit to make a positive difference to the communities .By actively consulting with local communities they can seek to understand and manage the social, economic and environmental impact of operations. | • Customer satisfaction.• Quality and value.• Sustainable products
and services.• Acceptability of development and building
schemes.• Support for their community needs. |
Our suppliers | They aim to build lasting relationships with suppliers, as well as their employees and their suppliers, based on morality, justice and civility. This progressively extends .Waitrose are committed to working with them to help them to build sustainable businesses and provide long-term, satisfying employment. | • Increasing the
sustainability of their
products and their
companies.• Long-term dealings.• Fair treatment and valuing. |
Government and regulators | Waitrose’s goal to meet the spirit as well as the letter of the law. They occupy with governments and regulators to raise awareness of the unique nature of our business and to provide a considered view on issues that impact on our Partners, customers and the communities in that they work with. | • Information sharing, particularly on co-ownership model.• Compliance and influential future rule.• Skills, economic development and employment chances.• Lowering environmental effect. |

All of these stakeholders play huge rolls in the success that Waitrose have had in the many years they have been operated for. From employee to government, all of these have an effect on how every year turns out for them.
Having this much interest will ensure that they will carry on with their ongoing of success and I am sure it will not end anytime soon.
Having all these stakeholders will give them the feedback that they need to keep each stakeholder happy with how everything is run.

Profitable organisations are not the only ones who have many stakeholders that is the beauty of a stake holder it can be anyone, Barnardos also have a number of stakeholders even though they are a non-profitable company they have the same aspects as a profitable one.
Barnardos stakeholders

Stake holders | Influence | Key interests |

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