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Business Of Tourism Ruems Hotel Essay

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RUEMZ Hotel is a trendy boutique hotel, and it also is a three star hotel which is located in Kuala Lumpur. The address of RUEMZ Hotel is No 2, Jalan Taylor’s, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Telephone number is 03-56320480/ 03-563204801. RUEMZ Hotel have 7 partners and having their latest products in the hotel, such as Panasonic, Selectv, Karcher, Illy Coffee, NTPM( Nibong Tebal Paper Mill), Sweet Dream, Chempro, and Boh.
2) Type of Room Accommodated:

RUEMZ hotel got three types of room, for example Cubic(Single/Double standard room), Matrixx(Single/Double/Twin Superior room), Spazio(Deluxe Single/Double room). But we had chosen the Matrixx Double Room per ...view middle of the document...

Reservation is done fast and the way how the staff work is professional.

4.2 Arrival Experience (Check-in)

Categories | Rating |
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |
2.1Check-in2.1.1 Staff Professionalism | | | | | | | | * | | | | | | * |
2..1.1.3Grooming | | | | * | | | | * | | & skills in handling process | | * | | |
2.1.2Procedure | | | | | record were accurate (accuracy) | | | * | | procedure was timely and efficient (speed and efficiency) | | * | | | Registration Card was guest-friendly (documentation) | | | * | | aspects and monetary handling was professional (security features) | | | * | |

When we check-in, we can see all the staff wearing the uniform properly and clean, look like very professional. They always smile and let us feel they were very friendly. But when we want to booking the room, we wait a little bit longer, because the staffs still asking and didn’t trust the TCHT student Discount Voucher. So we have to wait for the manager to handle it because when we did our booking, the manager was not around at the reception. After we had booked the room, The actual price is Rm.315 but we just paid Rm 189 for the Matrixx Double room after discount 40%. After paying the fees, the staff gave us only one room key card, then we asked for another room key card and he gave us. The staff didn’t send us to the room, they just sent us till the lift and let us went up alone.

3. Occupancy (Stay) Experience
3.1 Room
Categories | Rating |
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |
3.1 Room3.1.1 Furniture and fixtures | | | | | Bed | | | | * | Lights | | | * | | Air-conditioning | | | | * |
3.1.2 Amenities and in-room facilities | | | | | IPod pouch | | | * | | / Tea-making facilities | | | * | |
3.1.3 Technical aspects | | | | | Key card system | | * | | | Television | | | * | | information TV access | | | * | |
3.1.4 Bathroom | | | | | Basin and related area | | | * | | Bath / Shower and related area | | | * | | WC and related area | | * | | |
3.1.5 Overall Room | | | | | Space | | * | | | Design | | | * | | Comfort level | | | * | | Cleanliness | | | * | |

The technologies they use are up to date. For example, they used key card system to unlock the door, we enjoyed the facilities especially the TV. Our name was displayed on the screen. They provide Ipod pouch too for our comfort while staying at RUEMZ Hotel. For the bathroom there is no locker to lock the door and the...

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