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Problem of Sustainability - Environmental

'Alert as raw sewage pours into Firth of Forth'
Author: Ian Sample
date:23 April 2007
Publisher: The Guardian, London
In this article, where due to pump breakdown raw sewage was discharged into the Firth of Forth. Gordon Greenhill, head of community safety at Edinburgh city council, told the BBC: " If raw sewage in the water comes into contact with the human or animal population, people walking in the beach, then there's always a risk. Raw sewage obviously has E coli and the implications for the young and elderly are always there..." Though the Edinburgh city council put up signs not bathe or wash hands in the sea water. General public is ...view middle of the document...

New York plans were introduced by the Arnold Schwarzenegger who represents himself as an ‘environmental warrior’. He said” New York leaps to the forefront of cities dedicated to attacking climate change and protecting our environment”

MR. Bloomberg’s plans include measures to encourage home building, plant 250,000 trees in the city , invest in public transport and reduce air pollution. Proposals known as PlaNYC are expected to cost tens of billions of dollars. Opponents argues that mayor is penalising the city’s poor by introducing a regressive tax.

The step taken by Mr. Bloomberg somehow seems to be right because due to global warming our future generation is in danger. We have to do something to stop or control the climate change. Congestion charges somehow will reduce the pollution. Though these charges will be a direct attack on the poor people but broadly speaking it is beneficial for the whole society. Plantation of more trees or other measure will control the Climate change. Mr. Mayor need to stick with his plans.

The Economics of Global Business and its links with Environment

‘China fears toxic threat to farmland’
Author: Jonathan Ansfield
date: 23rd April 2007
publisher: The Guardian, London

In this article, where more than 10% of China’s farmland is contaminated due to China’s industrial and urban sprawl. In China where abuses of fertilisers is the biggest problem ( heavy metals itself poisons 12million tonnes of grain). China faces a “severe threat” regarding ability to feed itself. China feeds about 22% of the world’s population with only 7% to 8% of its arable land. Difficulties are increasing because multinational companies and domestic capital group are looking to invest in China.

China who has already announced that arable land available had shrunk by more than 300,000 hectares in the first 10 months of last year alone to a total of 121.8m hectares. If China keep developing in this speed than they will be the most developed country in the world but without any fertiliser, raw material etc.

Though Beijing is imposing on luxury developments and the use of farmlands for housing or industrial zones.

According to my point of view, China which is well know for its raw material and fertiliser. If China keep growing in this speed that day is not far away when China will left with no fertilisers and raw material. Chin’s industrial and urban sprawl is directly harming the environment. China need to take more serious steps and they need pass some legislation to halt the construction of industries. Even other multinational and domestic companies need to realise that they harming the environment.

China’s problem could be referred with the article which is taken from The Times 5th April 2007, it suggests that “Declining agricultural capacity could displace 200 million people by the middle of the century...”

The Economics of Climate Change

'Climate Change could lead to...

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