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Business Negotiation Style Essay

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I. Negotiation Style in Terms of My Personality
Prior to taking this course, I thought negotiators were either tough or soft, without much room in between. I believed that being tough meant being successful and that being soft meant giving others an unfair advantage by sacrificing your position. In reality, however, neither is the case.
In terms of my personality, my first thought was that I am somewhere between individualistic and competitive. I had considered myself to be somewhat of a tough negotiator because I knew I had a tendency to be stubborn and overly truthful in order to achieve my goals. As I gave the matter more thought, however, I realized that I could be ...view middle of the document...

Instead, you could come off as stubborn, rude and unprofessional. The tactics could even lose their effectiveness altogether, thereby defeating the entire purpose. It could also affect others’ perceptions of your ethics and, as a result, entire deals can fall apart.
The cooperative aspect of my style can also have both positive and negative outcomes.
III. How My Negotiation Style was Created
When I consider how my negotiation style was created, many things come to mind. Culture and family are relevant - being the youngest child, I remember “negotiating” with my older sister, but I never seemed to get very far! I do, however, remember many family discussions where my sister and I would negotiate for later curfews or higher allowances. It may seem trivial now, but that did set the groundwork for later dealings in life. It also helped me deal with things in a more mature and reasonable fashion, as yelling and temper tantrums did not seem to have much of an effect.
By the time I was adult, my focus on my future and my career helped me to further develop my negotiating tactics. I needed these skills early on, especially when trying to obtain employment. I remember several part-time jobs I had during high school and college, and I was able to keep those jobs by negotiating working schedules with my employers. They saw that I was willing to work various weekend or evening shifts, and I was able to communicate my desire to keep the job. By engaging in a give-and-take exchange, I was able to achieve my goal without having to give up too much of my free time. I took those skills into the workforce after I graduated, and as a result I have been able to work for the same company for the last thirteen years.
IV. Real Life Negotiations and How My Style Affected Them
As a Design Engineer for I have participated in many different types of negotiations. One in particular often takes place between the company’s Design and Manufacturing Departments. The Design Department is responsible for creating fire protection products that are fully functional and reliable – they must work only when needed. In order to achieve this objective, the engineers require a certain amount of validation testing before the products can leave the factory. The Manufacturing Department, however, must devise a plan to mass-produce these products as quickly and as cheaply as possible. The end result is quite predictable – a vast difference of opinions regarding safety versus cost.
In order to achieve a workable compromise, both groups have no choice but to think unconventionally and accept the fact that you simply cannot satisfy all of the people all of the time. Closed-door meetings have sometimes resulted in loud, heated debates, but in the end each side will walk away with sufficient reassurance. The Design Department will have confidence in their blueprints and models and not fear that they will cause the company to collapse; the Manufacturing...

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