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Business Models For Internet Based E Commerce

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Business Models for Internet Based E-Commerce
B Mahadevan

Introduction The meteoric growth of Internet based E-commerce at the turn of the last century is truly baffling. During the last one decade, this market space has grown in several directions. In its first generation, it saw the emergence of portals and search engines. However, in due course more and more organisations began to cater to the Business to Customer (B2C) market. In the last two years, there is significant growth in the Business to Business (B2B) segment. As several organisations began to operate in the Internet market space, they innovated unique propositions to create value in the process. These were either not found ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the course will encourage the students to develop a basic understanding of these issues in an overall framework of Internet based E-commerce. The students are expected to familiarise themselves with some facts about the history of the Internet before they come for the first session of the course. It is recommended that the students visit the web sites indicated under session 1 of the course outline. Course objectives The objectives of the courses may briefly be stated as follows: ü provide a unified framework for a Business Model for Internet based E-commerce ü explore the theoretical basis for the constituents of a Business Model

ü highlight the strategic issues an Internet based E-commerce organisation faces in designing an appropriate business model ü sensitise the students to the statutory and legal issues related to E-commerce Students involvement The course delivery will incorporate several features of the electronic market place. Most part of the course material, discussion notes and other reference material will be delivered over the net. The students are expected to participate in a variety of unconventional ways. During several sessions, a group of students will be required to visit a list of web sites and make an html document of their analysis as well as a short presentation in the class. The html document will have to be uploaded into the course directory the day before the presentation schedule with an e-mail notification to the class. The students are encouraged to provide hyper-links to other web based documents and sites that they visit and refer in support of their analysis. Each group will be expected to make one such presentation. The presentation can include power point slides, actual visits to web sites and any other appropriate means. The students will also be expected to work on a dot com project as part of the course. At the beginning of the course, students will be asked to submit a one page business idea that they want to spin off as a dot com business. Once the projects are approved, they will be working on the business idea and develop the business model as the course proceeds. This will give them an opportunity to focus their understanding and apply the concepts to a problem on hand. The groups will make a presentation of the dot com project during the last week of the course. Much of the success of Internet based E-commerce is attributed to free flow information over the net. Honouring intellectual property rights is not only desirable but also central to success of Internet based E-commerce. The students are expected to adhere to these standards while they prepare their presentations and reports. Accurate and complete details of the source of information must be provided. The students are encouraged to visit for alternative style guides for project report preparation. The students are expected to skim through the assigned reading materials before each...

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