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Enterprises-Storefront BTC Model
WebSphere 5.0 and Amazon Affiliate Website Integration

Managerial Applications of Information Technology – IS535

Devry University, Keller Graduate School of Management

May 22, 2014

Enterprises Business to Customer Model, WebSphere 5.0 and Amazon Affiliate website components

Enterprises, a small computer repair and IT Consultation Company is proposing a new design for its corporate website. The owner wishes to utilize the Amazon Affiliate model leveraging Amazon’s rapid, real-time processing components connecting to a new storefront engineered with IBM’s WebSphere Storefront software.

Enterprises is a low budget start-up with no access to a full-time development staff. The design for the new website needs to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and automated as much as possible ...view middle of the document...

The McDonald Deyo Enterprise team members will evaluate several storefront designs and ascertain how the chosen solution can extend the shopping experience to include smart phones and other mobile devices. The MIS business model will also need to be structured to support online orders with a transaction engine and order tracking software that will atomize orders, update business ledges for tax purposes and keep track of expenses. The Amazon Affiliate process will also be reviewed and the necessary integration processes assessed to clear the way for a successful storefront launch.

High-Level Approach
Deyo Enterprises plans to use IBM WebSphere Commerce 7 as the solution’s key software, running on an IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM DB2 database in support of the e-commerce design. In addition to providing prebuilt mobile stores, the software also provides features for building on-line catalogs, product lists, and product categorization. Databases and data processes will also be designed to protect confidential user information and credit card transactions in compliance with PCI regulations.
Amazon website integration will utilize WebSphere Commerce listing management tools that support the auto-population of online store listings, manage and support customer check-in and shipping preferences, payment collection, and provide an email response mechanism for customers as they check out of the website
Designs and Rational Industry patterns will be utilized to demonstrate this solution in the form of Visio process flows and architectural logic diagrams. In, addition dashboards will show increased product sales, demonstrate production process enhancements, and performance improvements.

General Benefits
Benefits to the Enterprises will include increased sales, click analytics that will aid management to analyze the customer experience, a wider exposure of its services offered by the Amazon global market, and the improved tracking of inventory and overhead expenses.

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