Business Meeting Guideline Essay

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Specific Guidelines – regarding the topic “Business Meetings around the globe”

After getting familiar with the basics of business communication in general, pairs (groups) should concentrate on the specific country. This in-class activity discusses the topic on business meetings and can include: a) Country’s specific elements of business meeting, b) Resolving conflict among meeting participants; c) Ensuring active participation of all participants at the meeting, d) Presentations (be it within meeting or in general) and e) Written Correspondence.

The focus would be on what can be different on business meetings, considering certain cultural background.

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How meetings are conducted (is there a free flow of ideas and opinions or one person will do most of the speaking?; Are meetings formal? Do they have a clearly defined purpose and agenda? Are well-structured? Do they start with a brief amount of small talk before getting down to the business? Are meetings based on shorter presentations? Is there more focus to discussion and question and answer type activities or there is only one person who talks? Is it courteous in the country XY to allow other people to speak, and not to interrupt them while they speak?
➢ When you do not agree with someone at the meeting – Is it considered helpful to get others’ point of view or not? Should you lose your temper or let your behaviour become overly animated?
➢ The use of technology (video conferencing); some cultures may find unsatisfactory since this way of meeting does not allow face-to-face personal contact!
➢ Characteristics of business presentations
➢ Written correspondence
3. How meetings end? Is it common that meetings finish with an agreement for another follow up meeting with decisions on the current meeting’s main objectives not having been made? Reflection - is it common to obtain feedback after the meeting and establish what the attendees thought of the content and the discussion?

The content of the written and oral presentation of this short in-class activity (pair/group assignment) should (can) include interesting and new theoretical aspects of the multi-cultural business meetings in certain country, as well as examples from day-to-day practice. Where and when being in context, relevant practical demonstrations are very welcomed (ex. role playing etc.).

Note: A pair (a group) can feel free to tell more than it is suggested within guidelines above!
Written part - notes; Group/pair assignments (and presentations); 16th April
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|(write down the country under investigation) |4. ________________________________ |
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