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COMENIUS UNIVERSITY IN BRATISLAVAFACULTY OF MANAGEMENTWRITING ASSIGNMENT IICourse: ENGLISH FOR MANAGERS IIIWriting Task Two: Meeting Agenda and MinutesFrom: Tomáš HuszárGroup: M4(A8)To: PaedDr. Monika DobrovičováDate: 2 December 2013Assessment:Agenda of meetingBusiness meetingBusiness meeting will be held in the conference room at 16 hours on Tuesday 3rd December 2013.AGENDA1. Apologies for absence2. Presentation of the problem3. Discussion about the alliance4. Opinions presented by managers, advantages and disadvantages of the alliance5. Final decision6. Date of next meetingMinutes of meetingMinutes of the meeting held in the conference room on Tuesday 3rd ...view middle of the document...

Alliance needed, training seminars supportIvana Kundrátová, the human resources manager, refused the 35-hours week, although she saw the necessity of this step as the only survival of existence of the company. For the positive future of the company, creating the alliance with as powerful company as the leader of financial marke tis, would be very reasonable. She would support training seminars to develop team spirit and cooperation in teams and power sharing practices for executives. She is open to other ideas and suggestions from her colleagues.Problem with production deadlines, new trainings for part-timersTomáš Huszár, the Production Manager, is absolutly against the alliance. He remarked that by creating the alliance our company would endanger the production as workers would be unable to meet the production deadlines in shorter time. He then added that 35 hours workweek will rapidly increase costs because of necessity to recruit large numbers of new part-time workers. This action would pay a lot of extra work to train new employees. Due to his wish of making workers happy, he suggested paying overtime while he...

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2921 words - 12 pages any successful business whether it’s small and family run, or a powerfully megalithic corporate entity, is indeed the meeting. But are these meetings always successful? Do we always accomplish the goals ultimately desired? Despite the timeless stigma of the stereotypical and often humorous image of the dreaded boardroom meeting, there are many ways in which to successfully conduct a productive yet stimulating meeting with a much greater outcome

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