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Business Managment Essay

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Marketing Strategy: The Cheesecake Factory
Grantham University
BA181: Foundations of Marketing
December 16, 2013
Marketing Strategy: The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory had a small beginning by a woman named Evelyn Overton in the 1940s in the city of Detroit. She had created the cheesecakes recipes on her own and would supply various restaurants. In 1971 her and her husband moved to Los Angles to see if they would do better with the restaurant there. They struggled for years and then in 1975 Evelyn decided to open the business into a large bakery, which allowed Evelyn to create a variety of different cheesecakes. Evelyn son David opened up a restaurant in Beverly Hills call “Cheesecake Factory Restaurant” that served large portions of food and had various choices ...view middle of the document...

They also have a vision statement “Through a shared commitment of excellence, we are dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, service, people and profit, while taking exceptional care of our guest and staff. We will continuously strive to surpass our own accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry.”

Their mission and vision statement do not give much of an insight as to growth for the company. It seems as if they only want to satisfy the needs of the customers. Customers are the reason why they are in business but what about growth, finance, or the employees. They have created various values that are listed for the employees to follow such as passion for excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility; people service mindedness, dynamic leadership and high performance. The Cheesecake Factory has found away to bring out all these qualities from their employees and boost sales at the same time. Showing the customer that they are the most important thing in the business has been the success of the Cheesecake Factory.
The Cheesecake Factory strategy to create customer awareness by putting them on a pedestal and creating the environment that welcomes them to bring family and friends to dine. If you are having a business meeting or girls night out the Cheesecake Factory will be there with large portions and good food.


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