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Business Management Diversity Essay

2960 words - 12 pages

Group C

An Analysis of

“Peer Pressures and Accusation of Acting like Others”

Table of Contents
Media’s Role in Stereotyping……………………………………….…..….4
Origin of “Acting White”……………………………...………………...…6
Accusations of “Acting White” in the Caribbean…………………………..8
Combating Accusations of “Acting White”…….…………………………10
“Acting White” and its affects on Identity”……………………………….11
Peer Pressure and Physical Appearance…………………………………..12
Coping with Peer Pressure……………………..……......................….…13
Summary ………………………………..................................................14
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The way minorities are perceived are often negative and in many cases determined through profiling. News reports and reality television shows such as “Cops” bring images of minorities engaged in crime to the television screens in households across the nation, these perpetrators are often disproportionately African-American. This disturbing trend was highlighted in a recent study where “Professor Travis Dixon found that the more people watched local or network news, the more likely they were to draw on negative stereotypes about blacks.” (Chamberlain C., 2008)
Other portrayal of minorities in unflattering terms in the media abounds on sitcoms and other shows. In many cases Black men are portrayed as aggressive, Black women are portrayed as loud and proud, Hispanics as hot tempered and Asian’s as shopkeepers and nerdy over-achievers. “The Simpsons” is an example of a television program that exhibits stereotypical images as mentioned in the article “Stereotypes in the Media” for example, the character Apu who is caricatured as a Ganesh worshiping Indian with an overstated accent is a stereotypical image of people of Indian descent. (Stereotypes in the Media, 2008)
Stereotypes in the media often color the perception of minorities by the larger community. Minorities themselves can form tainted perceptions of their own roles in society as well as the roles of other minorities. Even in metropolitan cities with diverse ethnic communities the negative images still influence the perception of minorities and their expected behaviors.
In many cases positive images of successful minorities still fall into stereotypical roles. The majority of the media exposure idealizes African Americans who are either entertainers or athletes. Little is shown of professional African Americans, due to this disparity, when compared to the abundance of media exposure shown to entertainers and athletes, minorities and Caucasians alike have begun to view the behaviors and attitudes of these individuals as a reflection of the community as a whole. In order to help curb the spread of stereotypical ideas, the portrayal of African Americans and other minorities in the media must change.
Origin of “Acting White”
Stereotypes have become so imbedded in societal view that those that step out of the box are subjected to accusations of acting like others. In many cases minorities are accused of “acting white.”
There are a number of theories that surround the origin of the term “acting white” throughout history, but no actual evidence to pinpoint its foundation. Some research suggests the term was once used to label minority students who were academically inclined and allegedly snobbish that were shunned by their peers. Other studies suggest the term derives from the beginning of slavery; where whites used the term to separate Blacks and divide the race as a whole. Other views depict the term as randomly created by minorities within the same cultural group who are...

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