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Business Management Case Study

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In the current era of advanced technology, decision-making is an integral part of almost all organizations. The people who are challenged in this kind of situation are organizational managers. They have to come up with concrete decisions that are in line with the objects of the companies they are serving. In this case, they are expected to make decisions without fearing the end results. The case in this article is not different. For instance; there are four decisions to be made concerning the best company to be hired to provide computer services for knowledge sharing. Jackson, being the officer in charge of the department, is appointed by the president of McConnell Spices ...view middle of the document...

The group handled each firm through evaluating all the pros and cons that are in line with the services they offer. Lastly, the final decision concerning the firm to be approved falls in the hands of the board of directors of McConnell's Spice firm. In business, making a decision is not a very simple task as many may think (David, 2011; Tasler, 2009). In other words and in accordance to Lee et al. (2014), every decision that is arrived at affects the business in one way or the other. The above-mentioned decision, therefore, must be arrived at after thorough considerations since the results reflect the future of the company in terms of progress.
Jackson’s Two Decisions
In the world of business and politics, what defines the personality of a person is determined by several factors. For instance, to be a great leader, an individual must have the ability to make critical decisions irrespective of the emotional aftermaths (Kase, 2010; Disney, 2013). Successful leaders are never envisioned as appearing uncertain and unaware about certain points they make in their life (David, 2011& Tasler, 2009). In this case, eloquent leaders are those individuals who have the potential of quick arrival at decisions that enlighten people and best for the circumstance (Moore, Parker & Rosenstand, 2011). Additionally, they can communicate their objectives properly to others without thinking twice (Kase, 2010).
Rejecting the Standard Systems
Jackson, being an information officer has the mandate to make critical decisions on the company's digital progress. For example, he must make a decision on whether to consider Mrs. McConnell's influence or stay firm in his decisions concerning his initial proposals to the board of directors. Decisions are made daily by all people in their respective lives (Fisher, 2011). However, when making decisions, the main point to consider is whether decisions are arrived at consciously or subconsciously (Weisman, 2010).
After a careful review of Jackson's investigations on the Standard System firm, neither should he accept the firm nor surrender its proposal to the board of directors at McConnell Spice for approval. The principles of decision making in business is very clear in the essence that people who are challenged to make significant decisions are rewarded when they do what is right. In contrast, those who go against the vise are stunted (Weisman, 2010 & Salmon, 2012). It is very clear from the description of the case study that this firm (The Standard Systems) has no capacity to handle or install the sophisticated information technology based on the data feed. Additionally, making a good decision is a process that needs a clear understanding from all the parties under stalemate (Brooks, 2014).
Proposal on Merit
Another critical decision that Jackson must make is to propose to the board of governors the company that only fulfills the requirements and can offer what is required of it in terms of service...

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