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Business StudiesHSC Topic 1: Business Management and ChangeManagement roles:1.Interpersonal role: Role relating to people inside and outside the organization. Managers must communicate with the people around them. Negotiating and compromising with all stakeholders.2.Informational role: Access to info. Through setting up a MIS (Management Info. System). Organize the info and pass it on to the relevant people. Act as a spokesman to the public.3.Decisional role: choices have to be made by managers. They act as disturbance handlers, negotiators and resource allocationers.Skills of management:People skills: the ability to communicate, negotiate, lead and delegate.They must have good listening ...view middle of the document...

Use it as a marketing strategy.Management Theories:Classical Scientific:*Autocratic*Hierarchical - pyramid*Division of labour*Specialisation*Focus on planning, organizing and controlling*Task centered*From top down communicationStrengthsWeaknessesIncreased productivityBoredom resulting from production line approachEmphasis on promoting efficiency and waist productionNeglects the 'human' and social needs of employeesSpecialisation and division of labourLack of employee empowermentBehavioral:*Leadership, motivation, communication*Teamwork*People centered*Democratic/participative leadership style*Flat management structure*Multi-skilling, job rotationStrengthsWeaknessesAcknowledges the human dimension in work Cant accurately predict human behaviorHighlights importance of communication, teamwork, motivation and leadershipSometimes gives too much power to employees - strikes...Importance of human resource managersNo simple formulas to explain behaviorPolitical:*Coalitions formed*Lobby groups formed*Negotiation between different levels.This theory is the most realistic management theory.StrengthsWeaknessesTakes all stakeholder into accountSources of real power are difficult to locateRequires managers to negotiate, bargain and conflict resolutionRelies on personal observation, perception rather than scientific measurement (ie of production)Recognises individuality Managerial control/dominance over employees may become the normSystems/Contingency theory*Management theory depends on the circumstances*Changing theory to suit different...

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3465 words - 14 pages like to pay my worship and gratefulness to the praiseworthy Almighty Allah who graces me to accomplish this report. I would like to offer my gratitude to our honorable Dean Sir, Prof. Dr. Milan Kumar Bhattacharjee, who gave us the opportunity & also for his kind supervision and providing necessary guidelines in preparing this report. I am also thankful to Ali Arshad Chowdhury, Lecturer of “Premier University” , faculty of Business Studies

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