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Managing Communication Knowledge and Information refers to the combination of external and internal factors that influence the organization. There are several factors of the customer and the communication system, such as managing communication, communication knowledge, information, technology and other activity also the market, social and economic trends competitions and owner is improved.


a) Outline the key decisions that need to be taken by AppiTaxi in order to implement its expansion nationally and internationally.

Determination can be classified into various types depending on a number of ways. One of the most common and ...view middle of the document...

* Operational Planning: These are used to support the tactical day-to-day decision-making. They are often made with little thought is configured. Their impact is immediate, short-term, short range, usually at a low cost.
b) Outline the range of information and knowledge needed to support the earlier outlined decisions, ensure you categories the information sources i.e. internal/external, formal/informal, official/unofficial etc. And describe the Knowledge obtained.

There are lots of things we need to know to make a good judgment about AppiTaxi. In this respect, let's look at the names of a few points:
First, AppiTaxi, it is important to have the most current knowledge and information. As we can imagine, the business world is changing rapidly. We can make a big difference for the company in a day. Second, the company must be aware of everything that we know about their competition. This information is very significant. Eventually, AppiTaxi compete with other companies. So, the more we know about others, the better we will charge.
Finally, the consumer must know something about the market. This information is necessary. Therefore, it is essential that some market research good for the judgment.
c) Focusing on the internal and external information sources identified in task 1) a) assess its suitability for the decision to expand beyond the UK. (1.3) Recommend the most important sources of information. Support your answer with examples. (1.4)

Our source for this information to be used in our industry can be primary information and the information we get our self within our own company. This is also known as the internal information sources
The information we get from the outside of our organization such as commercially provided information, Trade Groupings, that's called external information sources

Quality of decision making in the company will help gain a competitive edge that go beyond the contest. Business decisions must reflect the goals of the organization, such as to maximize benefits for shareholders. Also relates to such a market leader its object in the art. In order to obtain its goals and the objectives, the company puts on place strategies. This access is applicable regardless of the size of the business.
Consider running a small business and a local bakery cafe. The cafe is open 10 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. In a nearby supermarket and fast food competition prevents the cafe business in growth. Can any action be taken to increase the cafe sales?
This is an important issue that customers can see the reason to choose a different outlet. Because of the place, price and quality of the product is applied? The analysis of this type of problem requires a systematic approach.
Costing, pricing and servicing, visit different stores to see their own data in the competitive market, to talk with customers about what they like can give us valuable information. Based on this study a different course of action may...

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