Business Management Essay

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Strategic Planning For Business Unit
The Strategic Planning for Business Unit is briefly sketched as below:

External Environ-ment

Mission Stateme-nt
Strategies formulat-ion
Program formulat-ions
Goals formulat-ion
Feedback and Control
Internal Environ-ment

SWOT Analysis

Strategic Planning Process For Business Unit

Mission Statement:
* Defining basic purpose or
* Reason behind the existence of an Business
Peters Druckers classic questions
* What is our business
* Who is the customer
* What is value to the customer
* What will our business be
* What should our business be
Goals Formulation:
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Market Opportunity Analysis:
Companies need to do a Opportunity Analysis in order to arrive in effectiveness and success probability. MOA is a prime tool to determine:
i. the probability of successes
ii. attractiveness of an opportunity
Following is the Opportunity Matrix that can be used to analyze opportunity.
Success probability

High Low



* Here 1 determines opportunity that is High on Attractiveness as well as high on Success Probability.
* 2 on the other hand is opportunity that is High on Attractiveness and Low on Success Probability.
* 3 determines opportunity that is Low on Attractiveness and High on Success Probability.
* 4 on the other hand is case where Attractiveness is Low and even probability is very Low.
Case 4 should not be termed as opportunity as it has low attractiveness and even low success probability.
We need to understand that different companies at different point in time may opt different opportunities and marketing strategies. Its important to understand that marketing opportunity collectively involves a thorough business and business environment analysis (Internal Analysis and External Analysis)
* Developing market (China, the Internet)
* Loosening of regulations
* Removal of international trade barriers
* A market led by a weak competitor
Some thing that bothers the most are threats , they are signals that some thing should be done so as to stay in the business. Threats are factors that need to be worked as soon as possible. An environmental threat might be the entrance of a new competitor, the merger of two competitors, the introduction of a new brand, the development of new technology, legislative changes, or social and economic trends.
* Unfavorable trend/ development that can cause decrease in sale and profit of company
Occurrence Probability

High Low

Seriousness ssensui


Threat analyses:
* Here 1 determines threat that is very serious as well as occurrence chances are also high
* 2 on the other hand is threat that is very serious but the occurrence chances are low
* 3 determine that threats seriousness is Low but high chances of occurrence
* 4 on the other hand is case where threats are not so serious and low chances of occurrence
* Case 4 should not be termed as threat as it has not so seriousness and low chances of occurrence. Where risk is...

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