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Business Management Essay

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Due to our recent acquisition of EnviroTech, many organizational changes will occur to ensure a seamless transition. This merger coupled with our progressive policies, will give InterClean the strategic advantage to expand. Responsibility will be placed on our supervisory team to successfully integrate employees into our new system.
Intensive structural changes, training and evaluations ensure that our organizational structure is aligned with this vision. In response to the anticipated changes and potential challenges, it is my responsibility to explain the considerable impact you, as first-level managers, have on the way employees behave. Exhibiting proper ...view middle of the document...

To keep our company competitive, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is required. Managers play a key role in our goal of achieving domestic market dominance by attaining a smooth transition in our newly restructured organization. As effective management drives improvements in productivity, managers must be aware of behaviors sending strong messages to employees.
Managers are responsible for recruiting qualified candidates, retaining employees, ensuring candid communication and harmonious working relations in a quality work environment. Additional duties include employees’ competence by providing continuous training, and maintaining high-performance work practices to promote a culture emphasizing interpersonal relationships and facilitating long-term financial success.
High-Performance Work Practices
To enhance productivity, managers must understand the impact of behavior in aspects such as using valid staffing procedures, emphasizing team orientation and respect, employee involvement in decision making, compensation linked to worker performance, and training (Mattson, 2003). Some methods managers can encourage include (a) decentralizing decision making to autonomous units and employees, (b) linking performance measures for employees to financial performance indicators, and (c) pushing responsibility down to employees (Coy, 2000).
Behavior Costing and Employee Attitudes
Observing employee attitudes toward pay, promotions, co-workers, supervision and communication will encourage managers to behave accordingly to ensure employee job satisfaction. Managers should behave with integrity in order to build trust and a reputable rapport. Trust leads to employee job satisfaction, which decreases absenteeism and employee turnover, while increasing company loyalty and positive attitudes regarding the quality of work life.
Maintaining a Diverse Work Environment
Managers must combine together the new partners’ financial, technological, production and marketing resources during company mergers. Managers must integrate different corporate cultures together in a symbiotic work environment. As corporate cultures may differ, it can often pose a challenge to managers to effectively support employees during a merger. “The first step to attaining the advantages of diversity is to teach all employees to understand and value different races, ethnic groups, cultures, languages, religions, sexual orientations, levels of physical ability and family structures (Clark, 2004).” Managers must build trust and incorporate practices that provide employees with knowledge and responsibility to make decisions that are essential to respond rapidly to change, innovate, and improve quality.
Based on previous experience, I observed effective practices my employers implemented to ensure a diverse cultural makeup in the workforce: (a) provide all employees with confidential outlets to resolve grievances, (b) start programs to ensure...

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