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Business Management Essay

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Today we observe and are the evidence of a huge transformation in the business practices. The culture of doing business and looking after the customer has changed in a dramatic way. Gone are the days when mostly businesses were focused on transactions rather than relationship building. The environment transformed from traditional marketing practices to Relationship integrated marketing environment.
Organisations transformed into relationship building institutions and focused on implementing the strategies with the help of modern marketing scientific theories and models not only to serve customer better but also to retain them.
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The CRM and logistics are two strategic tools by integrating them both organisations can build their reputation, reliability and profitability.
We by past research (literature review) and critically evaluating a chosen organisation try to build up a relation between theory and its application in real time.
We selected Dell computers to evaluate the Role of CRM in its successful business operations. Secondly we look into the E-Business activities of Dell computers to find out how its IT oriented information structure helped the Business process to integrate with each other.

Literature Review
Customer relationship management has taken the businesses like a storm. Almost in every type and size of organisation looking into CRM model, so they can align their processes to be more competitive and successful. As far as the theory and concept is concerned, CRM is not a very new tool. According to William Boulding, etl, (2005) CRM is the outcome of the continuing evolution and integration of marketing ideas and newly available data, technologies, and organizational forms


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) What it does for an Organisation
Customer relationship management (CRM) according to is strategic approach which utilises a combination of
* Information
* Technology
* Policies
* Business Process
* Employees
And give organisation a competitive advantage in the market place to do and perform the Customer retention activities in an appropriate manner to develop and retain profitable customers over a long time.
The Effective CRM
The effective CRM defined as in IBM research paper CRM Today (2oo4), as
* Develop the closed-loop CRM process to share knowledge which is obtained as a result of customer data analysis within all relative business units
* It develops the strategy and process for the flexible flow of this obtained knowledge across the organisation’s business process
Objectives of Customer relationship management (CRM)
The core objectives that an organisation set and seek by applying an appropriate CRM strategy is defined by Rigby etl, (2002) are.
* The acquisition of new customers
* To retain old customers as profitable source
* Develop high spending customers from the existing casual customers
* Convert bad customers into profitable customers or if not , then get rid of them
Types of Customer relationship management (CRM)
Various research and literature suggested different types or approaches of CRM, but the most used and agreed types discussed by Perrien, J., Filiatrault, P. and Ricard, L. (1993) are

* Operational : It defines the automation of customer related business process such as marketing, sales and customer services
* Collaborative: It provides the appropriate channels of communication with the customers in upstream and downstream of the supply chain by the use of emails, multimedia tools, internet (Intranet and Extranet) and...

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