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Business Level 3 Unit 19 P1 And P3

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Unit 19 Developing Teams in Business Assignment 1: P1 & P3

Different types of teams

What is a Team?

A team is individuals whom are moulded into a group who work together to achieve an objective or task.
Team Recruitment
Recruiting the right team members is the key to the success of your team. When the leaders of any group recruit new members, there are a number of skills, qualities needed as well as a process that each member has to go through in order for them to be an successful addition to the team. This process is called job analysis from where a person specification is drawn up and following all the qualifications and qualities that a new team member would be expected to have.
The process of recruitment for a successful new team member’s selection. Recruitment> selection> -training •coaching •mentoring •motivation the first steps to a successful recruitment > ...view middle of the document...

Formal teams are mostly permanent teams, for example within the supermarket Tesco they would have different formal teams likes, customer services team, marketing team, human resources these teams also have sub teams such as groceries and the butchery. All these teams work effectively to reach their objective
E.g.: The customer service team at Tesco represent customers this team may consist of over 5 member it also may most likely be a mixed gender team.
The team members would have all the same skills such as communication skills, attentiveness, positivity, the ability to read customers and a calming presence. Together the team should form a well-rounded team as individual has the skills for the position they are given.

What is an informal team?
An informal team is a team which is less structured compared to a formal team, theses times are about the individuals within the team, the team its self has minimal rules and expectations compared to a formal team. This type of team would hold social events , have irregular meeting maybe at break times the team does not have a specific leader all team members are equal and take on the same role therefore there is no co-ordination.
E.g. A team of trainees at Tesco may hold informal sessions to track their progress within the company and their development within the company these meetings may not be compulsory and may not be happen all the time all the members in the team would be on the same level so in this case they would all be trainees within the company. Within the team they may talk to each other about their progress and what they think they could do better, but it wouldn’t be a case where the team would have a manager sit them down and speak to them.

What is a different size team?

A different size team is a team which consists of

What is a temporary team?

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