Business Letters Essay

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Project in English 5


Partial Fulfillment for the Course

Business English Correspondence

Submitted By:
Nestor C.Sisles JR.

Submitted To:
Sir Joel Trinidad





Letter of Invitation

Abel Kennedy
Event Manager
Global Sports Enterprise
1259 Far East Complex
Atlanta, GA 30303
August 10, 2010

Jasper Kinsley
Central Vision Inc.
1471 Allison Avenue
Newport News, VA 23601

To Mr. Kinsley:

On behalf of Global Sports Enterprise, it is my pleasure to extend the invitation to our company’s anniversary gala event on October 10, ...view middle of the document...

It has always been fascinating to me to indulge in the management aspects of an organization which accounts for my active involvement in various clubs and societies in the past, holding various posts to understand all aspects of an ‘organization’.

I look forward to an interview to discuss my possible contribution to your esteemed company. Thank you for your kind consideration on my application.

Yours truly,

Arthur Keyes

Letter Asking a Donation

James Turner
Higher Calling Association
432 Creek Road
September 23, 2010

Platinum Circle Enterprise
82 Mint Road

Dear Sir / Madam,

On behalf of the Blessed Hope Orphanage, I am writing to appeal to your kindness on their plight and to participate in making the lives of the less fortunate children at this home.

There are about 20 children between the ages 10-13 in this home who are lacking in nutritious food, clothing and education. They are the neglected lot of our society as they are located at the slum area. Many of this home’s children are orphans or dumped by their parents or relatives for one reason or another.

We would like to request your kind participation through a generous donation to feed and clothe these children at Blessed Hope Orphanage. The amount collected would go towards hiring...

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