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Business Letter Essay

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What is the best way to bring up a child?

“Parents around the world are doing their best to raise their children to become happy, responsible adults. They take care of their children and try to teach them the values they think are important for them to learn.” But is there a way of bringing up child that is better than the other?
Amy Chua believes that if you nurture your children, they will be better off when they become adults. She thinks that children need boundaries. She believes in making all of the decision for her children because she does not think that they will make the right decision.
Also the Eastern way of parenting they can be very upfront with their children, for example ...view middle of the document...

Bryan Caplan view on parenting is that parents should take a more of a backseat, he thinks that is should be nature rather than nurture. He believes that children should be more free to do what they want and that there should not be that many boundaries. Caplan also thinks that you should not push your children to do anything they do not want to do. He also states that parents do not have that much influence on their children life when they grow up.
In his book he makes an argument about nature versus nurture, where he had studied identical twins whom where adopted by two different families but ended up having similar lives.
Caplan may have something right here that children do not need that many boundaries and parents should not force their children to do something that they do not want to do, but still children needs some short of boundaries or else they will think that they can do everything that fits them. There is some good points in the way Chua believe children should be raise, like Eastern parents believes in their children ability and want the best for them.
Chua and Caplan both have different opinion on have to raise children but they both want what is best for their children.
You cannot really say that there is a right of bringing up your children. Ultimately it comes down to what you as a parent chose to...

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