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Business Laws Essay

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A well-known pharmaceutical company, Robins & Robins, is working through a public scandal. Three popular medications which they sell over-the-counter have been determined to be tainted with small particles of plastic explosive. It has not yet been determined where the plastic explosives came from, but over $8 million in inventory is impacted. The inventory is located throughout the Western United States, and it is possible that it has also made its way into parts of Canada. A recall occurs but it is mostly unsuccessful.
Last fall, the FDA had ...view middle of the document...

Robins & Robins lobbied hard against this rule, and managed to get it stopped in the public comments period. They utilized multiple arguments, including the cost (which would be passed on to consumers). They also raised “privacy” concerns, which they discussed simply to get public interest groups upset. (One of the drugs impacted is used for assisting with alcoholism treatment – specifically for withdrawal symptoms and many alcoholics were afraid their use of the drug could be tracked back to them.) Robins & Robins argued that people would be concerned about purchasing the medication with a tracking mechanism included with the packaging and managed to get enough public interest groups against the rule. The FDA decided not to impose the rule.
Using the above fact pattern, answer the following three questions:
TCO B. Name one argument which Robins and Robins could have used to fight against the imposition of a tracking bar (UPC) requirement, in the event their lobbying efforts during public comments had failed. Explain the argument and the procedural method Robins would use to fight it. If Robins had not gotten involved in the public comments period, would your answer change? Why?

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