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Business Information Technology Essay

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1. When the restaurant (or any businesses) really knows its customers, and server them well, he customers generally respond by coming back and eat more from that restaurant, which come under customer and supplier intimacy. Taking an order with the paper pad not the issue for the waiters, but the things start after taking the order when the waiters walk all the way to the kitchen and if the chefs couldn’t read what is written then the food might be delay and even the food might be wrongly served to the customers. James can know what happened to the customers and whether they are happy or not by distribute a satisfaction form to the customers after they finish their food, or even he can launch ...view middle of the document...

Waiters will keep running to the kitchen every sometimes to check whether the food is finished or not. Once the chef finishes the order, he/she will call the waiters to deliver the food. After that, the bill will be prepared manually from the paper pad that the order written on it. Once the customer paid the bill, the waiters will file the bill manually and return back the changes without a copy of the receipt.
4. Lets define the Operational level first then we will be linking it with the employee in Yas Restaurant. Operational Level is responsible for monitoring the daily activities of the restaurant which is the waiters and chefs …etc
Lets list the main points that describe this issue:
a. All waiters and all chefs work at the operational level
b. Waiters collect orders from customers and copy the orders to chefs in the kitchen
c. Chefs in the kitchen, distribute the tasks based on chefs responsibilities
d. Waiters collect the orders from chefs once completed to customers
e. Waiters processes the billing to customers

5. I will list down the business objectives of the information system that Yas restaurant will get benefit from the new system:
f. Improve decision Making:
    When the management will be having the system on place, the owner will be able to know which waiters able to convince the customer to order the most profit food plus the quantity of order that waiters served. Which lead to take the decision to pay them a bonus at the end of year. All this will lead to that the waiters will work hard to achieve that bonus and at the same time this hard work will increased the efficiency in the restaurant.
g. Customer and suppliers intimacy:
            When the new system will be implemented, the customer will receive their food on time, having their bill printed and customer information to be stored on the database of the new system (which will lead to server them next time with the same waiters “if they were happy with him/her”). The new system will be linked directly to the inventory database which will lead to efficiency and decision making process. No more out of stock point in the menu when the customer ask for some kind of food because it will be linked directly to suppliers whenever it almost out of stock so it will be no delay to deliver the materials to the kitchen. In addition, when the customer data stored into the system, this will help the restaurant management to have full details about the customer best food (most ordered from that customer) and drink as well. So that they can serve it to them on the occasion of their birthday as a surprise, this things will enhanced the loyalty of the customers towards the restaurant.
h. New Products, Services and business model:
            With this part James can provide the customers with online order through the web site. This will allow them to book and order their food online and when the time they are arrived to...

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