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Business Information Systems, Organisational Information Flows

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Unit 3 Business Information SystemsAssignment No.2- Organisational Information Flows.Q1) In most organisations the main functions that are associated with customer-related processes are sales, despatch, stock control, purchasing and accounts.i. Using diagrams, show where and in what sequence the main information will flow between the functions whena) a sales forecast is changedb) a sale is madeii. Label the information flows on your diagrams with the nature of the information (in most cases the name of the document carrying the information will be sufficient).Q2)i. Name four events in the cases in 1) above, which could trigger information flows.ii. For each of these events,a) Identify the ...view middle of the document...

Q3)i. Some, but not all of the data in 1) and 2) above will be of interest to the management of an organisation. Identify;a) Two examples of information that support day-to-day operational decision-makingb) Two examples of information that support strategic management decision-makingii. Discuss how ICT's support of information flows also helps to support management decision-making.Two examples of information that support day to day operational decision making would be as follows:1. Actual Daily Sales made, in order to predict future sales, losses/profits, possible requirement of additional staff or less staff.2. Stock balance, in order to asses whether or not orders were being made efficiently and correctly, whether or not any changes needed to be made in orders or possible in security issues.Two examples of information that support strategic management decision making are as follows:1. Despatch rates in order to track the speed of despatch of products after a sale has been made.2. Types of customers and payment methods in order to improve marketing to target different groups of customers.ICT's support of information flows assists management decision making in many ways such as those listed below:1. Computerised calculations are accurate to a far greater degree than manual calculations, thus enabling managers to have access to...

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