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Business Information Essay

1520 words - 7 pages

Course: | | ITECH1005-5005: Business Information Systems |
| | |
Date: | | Week 4, 2013-1 |
| | |
Reading Time: | | 5 Minutes |
Duration: | | 45 Minutes |
| | |
Location Course Coordinator: | | Faezeh Afshar |
| | |
Total marks: | | 30 marks (Weight: 10%) |

Instructions to candidates:
1. Print your name and student number on the Test Paper

2. Attempt ALL questions

3. Do not detach any portion of the examination paper

4. Begin writing, as indicated, after the reading time has ended

Materials allowed: Nil

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Explain network topology. Provide three common types of topology found in networks.
Network topology refers to the geometric arrangement of the actual physical organisation of the computers and other network devices in a network. The five common types found in networks include:
* bus—all devices are connected to a central cable, called the bus or backbone. Bus networks are relatively inexpensive and easy to install for small networks
* star—all devices are connected to a central device, called a hub. Star networks are relatively easy to install and manage, but bottlenecks can occur because all data must pass through the hub
* ring—all devices are connected to one another in the shape of a closed loop, so that each device is connected directly to two other devices, one on either side of it. Ring topologies are relatively expensive and difficult to install, but they offer high bandwidth and can span large distances
* hybrid—groups of star-configured workstations are connected to a linear bus backbone cable, combining the characteristics of the bus and star topologies
* wireless—devices are connected by a receiver/transmitter to a special network interface card that transmits signals between a computer and a server, all within an acceptable transmission range.
[1 + 3 = 4 marks]

4. Describe Porter's Five Forces Model and explain each of the five forces.
Porter’s Five Forces Model analyses the competitive forces within the environment in which a company operates, to assess the potential for profitability in an industry.
* Buyer power is the ability of buyers to affect the price they must pay for an item.
* Supplier power is the suppliers’ ability to influence the prices they charge for supplies (including materials, labour and services).
* Threat of substitute products or services is high when there are many alternatives to a product or service and low when there are few alternatives from which to choose.
* Threat of new entrants is high when it is easy for new competitors to enter a market and low when there are significant entry barriers to entering a market.
* Rivalry among existing competitors – high when competition is fierce in a market and low when competition is more complacent.

[5 marks]

5. Compare disruptive and sustaining technologies.
Disruptive technologies offer a new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers. Disruptive technologies redefine the competitive playing fields of their respective markets, open new markets and destroy old ones, cut into the low end of the marketplace and eventually evolve to displace high-end competitors and their reigning technologies. Sustaining technologies produce improved products that customers are eager to buy, such as a faster car or larger hard drive.
[2 marks]
6. Explain Web 2.0 and identify its four characteristics.
Web 2.0, or Business 2.0, is the next generation of internet...

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