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Business Industry Essay

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| Consumer Behavior |
Assignment A :

| Define consumer behavior.Explain briefly the consumer buying decision process?    | |
2 . |  What do you mean by post purchase behavior? Explain this with the help of suitable examples.   | |
3 . | What are the environmental factors influencing buyer behavior? Explain the reference group with the help of suitable examples.  | |
4 . | Explain the concept of motivation in the consumer behavior with the help of suitable examples.  | |
5 . | Explain the Cognitive Learning Theory with the help of suitable examples. | |
6 . | a )What are attitudes?  Discuss briefly the strategies of attitude ...view middle of the document...

He continues talking, obviously completing a personal phone call, without looking up. After several seconds, he says, "l've got to go. I've got a customer." He hangs up and looks up, saying, "May I help you?” Mrs. Benjamin takes a seat on her own initiative and tells him that she wants to open a current account. The CSR reaches for the signature card and service brochure and starts quoting the monthly balance requirement to avoid a service charge on a regular current account.
Mrs. Benjamin changes direction entirely and indicates her particular interest in "something that offers an overdraft line of credit ... does the bank offers anything...?.”Clipping her last question, the CSR refers automatically to the cash reserve account and says that it's something customers have to qualify for. He informs Mrs. Benjamin that she'll have to fill out a credit application and the bank will probably start her off with a Rs. 25,000 line and see how she manages it. Then, after a while she can request an increase if she wants. He asks the necessary questions and completes the paperwork to open the current account and hands her the cash reserve application, telling her that she can mail it back or drop it off next time she's in the bank. He asks her if she wants an ATM card. She says no, and that's the end of that discussion.  She selects her check style, gives him her opening deposit, and finishes the transaction. As Mrs. Benjamin leaves the bank, she wonders if everyone who works for the bank is as poor in human relations skills as this CSR. She also wonders if she made a mistake by not just walking out after being told, in essence, that she might not be a good enough customer  to qualify for more than Rs. 25,000 of the bank's credit. Well, anyway, she's stuck with them now - for a while at least. She'll wait and see how it goes over the next few months, and she thinks to herself, "If I'm still not comfortable with the bank, I'll shop around and move my account to a bank where the people treat you as if you really matter to them."

1. | The case presents a pre-purchase information search situation. How well has the bank fulfilled the informational needs of the customer? |
2. | How is the above interaction likely to affect the customer's perception of the bank? |
3. | What is the marketing implication of the above interaction? How would you advise the bank in terms of fulfilling the informational needs of customers? |

2 . | Environment Management |

Assignment A:
1 . | Explain what is industrial ecology? How can you implement the concept of industrial ecology in any organization? | |
2 . | How can environmental management help achieve sustainable growth? | |
3 . | How TQM can help in achieving targets of environmental management? | |
4 . | Write a note on Global Environmental Problems, and what should be the role of an individual in solving them? | |
5 . | Write short note on any three of the...

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