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Nabisco originally is an American manufacturer of cookies and snacks headquartered in East Hanver,new Jersey which opened corporate office as National Biscuit Company in the world’s first skyscraper,the home insurance building in the Chicago loop in 1898.Over the passage of time the concept of Nabisco became very popular in various countries.Inorder to capture that popularity many individuals and organizations opened Nabisco company with different logos at their native countries with manufacturing basic products such as biscuit,cookies,snacks,chocolate etc.One of those individuals who took inspiration from the original company and established it at his home country was S.M.Nur.
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The products of Nabisco are so famous in Bangladesh that there are 3 generation present in almost every families in our country whom consumed Nabisco’s products in various times or occations.In fact each of family members like son,daughter,father,mother,grand father and grand mother all consumes Nabisco’s products.

Raw Materials
Flour,Sugar,Pam Oil,Soya,Milk,Dalda,Butter,Coco Powder,various flavours etc.

Marketing Strategies
Nabisco doesn’t have any intensive or extensive marketing strategies.Over the years Nabisco has followed customer retention strategy or relationship marketing approach which focuses on repeat sales,encourage word of mouth promotion and gather customer information.
Although Nabisco’s only one production factory situated at dhaka but in recent time because of heavy local and foreign competition and lack of investment to match-up Nabisco more focuses on outside dhaka for selling their products where competition is less and brand is solidly established.For that now days we could found very few Nabisco’s products at dhaka but outside dhaka we can see total domination of Nabisco’s products.
Nabisco also doesn’t do heavy promotion for their products.There are few here and there advertisement in the newspaper.The managing director of Nabisco holds few shares at Channel 24 for that sometimes we can see some advertisements at that particular channel which costs very little.
The main promotional activities of Nabisco took place at the Internatoinal Trade Fair which organized at dhaka. Nabisco put-up a stole for sells,promotion and reminder of the taste and quality of Nabisco to all kinds of consumers.This stole is a huge promotion gainer and heaviely costs than other promotional activities.

Value Analysis

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