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Business Fraud Essay

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Data Breach Exposes Millions to Phishing Scams

Data Breach Exposes Millions to Phishing Scams

The following paper is about a data breach involving the world’s largest permission-based email marketing provider. The name of the company is Epsilon, “an Irving, Texas based marketing firm that develops and manages databases and offers marketing analytics and delivery services such as email communications” . Companies hire Epsilon to send out a total of more than 40 billion messages on their behalf each year.

On March 30th, 2011 Epsilon announced that unknown intruders had broken into one of its email servers and accessed the names and email accounts of some ...view middle of the document...

The intruders targeted Epsilon to obtain emails and names and then sent out there own emails posing as these companies to try and encourage a customer to enter or update their personal data. This is a savvy way of obtaining someone’s personal information. “These types of attacks are becoming more advanced in their exploitation of social engineering techniques” .

Epsilon did right by initially detecting that there was a breach. “ReturnPath, which is a company that provides monitoring and authentication services, warned Epsilon late of 2010 that there was an increase in phishing attacks and hacking attempts against email distributors. Epsilon heeded that warning and installed additional protection designed to monitor traffic and alert Epsilon admins in the event any unusual activity or download patterns were detected. It was apparently this new system that let Epsilon discover the breach quickly, and contain the impact to only two percent of the Epsilon customer base” .

Epsilon is criticized and people are still concerned as of why so many email address and names were retrieved from a single attack. Basically stating with so many different brands, the emails and names should be segregated from one another. A way to avoid this is to “move processing and data storage to third-party cloud providers, it is critical that the sensitive data be maintained in separate silos so a breach of one customer database is not a breach of all customer databases” .

After the breach, in June of 2011, Epsilon announced new security enhancements to create a more secure global email-marketing platform, including close collaboration with Verizon to deploy a number of new leading-edge data security measures. “Epsilon's new security features, along with innovative technologies from Verizon, provide enhanced protection for its information technology (IT) infrastructure. Combining intelligence from Verizon's expansive global-IP network, their insight into Internet traffic, one of the largest databases of breach statistics and frontline experience...

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