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Business Finance Essay

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a) Challenger Technologies was known as the leading IT products ,PC clinic services and related products provider which established in 1984 in Singapore. It has grown from a small outlets to about 33 outlets include 11 specialty store ( Challenger mini, Matrix, Pixels) and 20 super stores in over Singapore and Malaysia. The company open these stores in a competitive famous and fragmented space such as Sim Lim square, Funan Digitalife Mall, The Clementi Mall, The Singapura etc…Challenger is a business of providing plenty of difference IT products and services. It has more than 180 IT suppliers and more than 50 product lines. The group has a strong relationship with IT vendors (include ...view middle of the document...

Under the office supplies business, the company are also providing office supplies the business customers. The group entered the business by owning OA Supplies Pte Ltd in 2004. This business contribute 4% of revenue of the company. Challenger invested 40% stake in Beijing-based anti virus software. Challenger has a large size of operation.
The company are enjoy their economies of scale based on the size of their operation. Challenger can negotiate for lower rental fees and more affordable pricing term that can reduces their operation cost. Because of the low cost of economies of scale, the company are more flexible in IT products and sevices price and increase the competitiveness in IT market. Challenger divided the market into small format. They have Challenger superstore which target high-level customers. These customers are willing to pay for premium quality products. The company also have small outlets which focus on budget conscious customers. This type of business help Challenger take care and satisfy both high-end customers and budget-conscious customers.
In the future, Challenger will expany their business operation in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, Challenger’s directors believe that there are still have more space for company to expand their business. The company intend to open more outlets to increase the sales, profits and market shares. In Malaysia, Challenger are actively searching for opportunities for their business expandation by introducing their small format outlets as well as their superstores. Where Challenger find opportunities, they are intend to use these opportunities carefully and prudently. Another future plan of Challenger is developing IT service business. Challenger’s IT services are provided through a granting plan...

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