Business Ethics In The Workplace Essay

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Ashley Stotts
Strategic Plan Part 3
April 26, 2015

I am an employee at the Cleveland Municipal School district. My career is highly interactive with inner city children. Every day I am excited to go to work because these children bring something new to my attention on a daily basis. My co-workers and I follow certain regulations that our bosses think will make a decent and ethical work environment. Getting this hands on experience everyday leads me to believe that there are more standards that should be considered relevant to encourage ethical behavior at our school.
The first I suggest to the administrators do is to help the entire staff develop a more detailed understanding of the ...view middle of the document...

As a staff member at a public school I feel that there is not enough understanding on how we interpret these children when it comes to communicating. If we cannot communicate with these students effectively, how can we teach them effectively?
As a staff member of a public school I know that we receive a multitude of funding from the public therefore; we can only use what we have. Lack of funding for things that we want is a big fiscal issue within my school. I am spending at minimum fifty hours at my school per week and it never feels comfortable. The funding that we receive is not sufficient enough to make the staff feel that we have a comfortable physical work environment. Meaning there are bugs, senseless dirt hanging around, fixtures falling apart, outdated restrooms and a host of other cosmetic problems within our building. If our school implemented a fund from the staff and for the staff to make our building more aesthetic it will assist in more consistent ethical behavior within our staff. To ensure our building increases to the ideal level of comfort, we can all assist by having small amount taken from each pay and collectively voting on the order of which these cosmetic issues should be fixed. To ensure steady progress, all of the staff must pay the small fee from each pay, contribute to more intensive daily cleaning of our surroundings, and encourage the students to practice cleanliness. Given the staff follows a more strict code of cleanliness it will encourage a peaceful workplace where we all can be comfortable and happy.
Last but not least we should have a psychologist available for staff. I think that people often forget that everyone has a story and reasons why they behave the way they do. If the staff could have access to someone who could help us put our many issues aside from school into perspective, it will give us a more open mind when it comes to interacting with others in the workplace. I can honestly say that our staff is not as strong of a team as we should be when dealing with such imaginative and creative children. If we could deal with our interpersonal issues at work we will be more able to assist in the education of our students. Way to often there is a problem within the staff that we are expected to deal with behind closed doors and still function properly. I feel it should be very clear that although we have goal to complete with these children, we are human so life is up and down. If there is someone we can easily access that can help us to face issues and move past them more effectively, and from a professional view we could all demonstrate ethical behavior consistently. The administrating staff would need to have an on-site psychologist for staff members free of cost. There needs to be daily appointments available throughout the day, confidentiality between doctor and staff member, and a staff chosen professional suited to aid the staff in healthy behavior from home to work. If the staff of the community...

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