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Business Ethics In An Organization With Theories

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BUSINESS ETHICS - PART AEthics has been taken up, debated over, explained, examined and analyzed by different forums in different contexts. However, with the emergence of capitalism, in particular, its consolidation, through its latest form of development in globalization as a reorganization of capitalism, with its essentially consumer culture and all its pros and cons amidst a world system scenario it has evoked a surge of interest in this particular domain of carrying out business in an ethical way. Today business ethics is also as much a cynosure of discussion as sustainability and profitability.Since the dawn of history this word and topic has had an important place in all the scholarly ...view middle of the document...

Such either-or syndrome often inherent in dominant scholarships fails to appreciate the interconnections and symbiotic relations between various levels of discourses and practices, of thoughts and actions. To define ethics as something that is morally right over something that is morally wrong is to similarly fall into the trap of either-or syndrome. A unanimous definition of a very common word as ethics is hard to reach. But what could be useful in this regard is to think of ethics practically, especially in the context of an operational definition of business ethics: a spatio-temporal and contextual understanding of the term, contingent on the place, time and people that it affects and is affected by.Currently, acceptance of business ethics as something other that an oxymoron is deemed progress. Why is it important that students should learn business ethics along with other subjects? Business has the potential to provide a major contribution to our societies and act as an engine of economic development but the way it is done raises considerable ethical issues and there lies the social role of business in contemporary society. Not just the recent waves of corporate scandals involving Enron, WorldCom, and Parmalat but also other factors, such as growth of socially responsible investing, a rise in legal and regulatory standards and mounting forces of globalization are bringing about new ethics oriented paradigm in business.(Paine, 2003; Trevino & Nelson, 2004) Business ethics provides us with knowledge that transcends the traditional framework of business studies and confronts us with some of the most important questions faced by the society and business as a crucial role player in that.Decisions in business are mostly guided by the principles of Utilitarianism which is related to social consequences. It is a democratic approach and considers the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people (Harvey, Brian, 1994***). A plausible decision has to be rational and systematic and should also be defendable and justifiable to all the stakeholders.Globalization has become the most important buzzword of recent times but at the same time business leaders have also started to recognize the increased risks that globalization can bring to their operations. (Crane et all, 2007) Markets are cross national and businesses are often interdependent. A negative image of company resulting from weak ethical decisions and reputation of being unethical may harm its business considerably in a global market as customers will easily shift to the next option and other businesses might also not want to do business with unethical companies as that might tarnish their image in turn. Customers and clients are very sensitive to this issue nowadays. Media over the years have played its role in improving public awareness against business malpractices. Because of these factor companies are somewhat forced to maintain and follow and operate within an ethical paradigm and...

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