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Business Ethics Ethical Concepts And Cases 3rd.Ed

930 words - 4 pages

Name: Jessie James Tan
Course: BS-IM
Title: Business Ethics Ethical Concepts and Cases 3rd.ed.
Author: Manuel G. Velasquez
Book No.: HF5387V441993

(Book Review8)

Chapter5 (Ethics and the Environment)

“As the earth in a short few decades becomes twice as crowded with human beings as it is now, and as human societies are confronted with dwindling resources in the midst of mounting accumulations of wastes, and steadily deteriorating environment, we can only foresee social paroxysms of an intensity greater than any we have so far known.”
This quote is about the environment that we are in today. It is said that in a number of years the ...view middle of the document...

If people will not act soon then there will be no more environment to have.

Chapter6 (The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing)

“Marketing management appears to be more concerned about generating revenues than they are about ethical and fair treatment to customers. “
There are growing numbers of companies that are present today. A lot of which are known and the others are still yet to be known. Today the companies are aiming for a high income and generate money with the help of the customers. There are some companies that the main concern is generate income but do not think of the ethical and fair treatment to customers. The companies should also think ethically they can make a code of ethics that will be the standards for their company. They should also think of the customers and if it is fair for them. They should not take for granted the customers because there will come a time that the customers would stop patronizing the business even if it is the last company in the world. The key to that is fair and just treatment to the customers.
Chapter summary:
In a business there are three important things the first is the production for the products second is the marketing of the products and the main is the end consumer. There must be an ethical understanding about these things. First when it comes to production the business should consider a lot of things for the product to be perfect. The company must do proper things for the products. Next is the marketing, the marketing of products should be done ethically. There must be a proper way of marketing the products the competition on the competitors. The last is the consumer, companies must be fair to the consumer because they are the life of the...

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