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Business Ethics Across The World Essay

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Business Ethics across the World
Have you ever measured that how different countries become closer to one another and it has produced alike views for countries that do business together due to globalization?
Through the growth of globalization several ethical issues are getting exposure according to management teams. You can imagine if ethic is dilemma within the country then how about the issues that occur due to foreign language, diverse cultures and number of people involved grows to a global scale. This paper will identify ethical perspectives of two countries, India and China, and how these two articles contribute to understanding global ethics. It will also explain how china’s and ...view middle of the document...

Although business ethics in China has expanded from being nothing to being a discipline, from the domain of scholars to that of market agents, the field still faces many challenges and must develop if it has to satisfy the public. In addition to food safety concerns, some additional incidents also reflect problems of quality. Apart from product and service quality problems, China has more serious issues connected with corruption, labor rights, distributive justice, and so on. The government is trying to solve these issues through institutional and administrative means, issuing anti corruption rules and the new Labor Contract Law, strengthening the inspection and surveillance of safety and quality, and so on. I think, though, that these problems should be considered at a deeper level. Business ethics in China has the responsibility to meet challenges in their new form and to offer insights into how to address them.
The other article written by Margret Steen, “ Business Ethics in a Global World: India’s Changing Ethics”. This article reviews an address to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics by Jagdish Sheth who is the executive director of the Indian, China, and America Institute and professor of marketing at Emory University” (Steen, 2007). He explained that India’s business practices are very different and unique.
He believed that these exclusive business tactics can encourage the ethical behavior of the popular western viewpoint. Some of these exclusive business tactics consist of corporate societal accountability, favoritism, clanship, and friendship. (Steen, 2007)
Sheth thought that the collapse of Communism was a main issue in the shift from the earlier 20th century business ethics to the current 21st business model. He argues that some countries that used to be communistic countries are now some of the greatest run capitalistic countries, like India and China. An additional driving factor is the wealthy nations that are aging and traditional industries do not produce as many jobs today as they did in the past. “The next issue in shifting nations is that people in positions of authority have exposed that economics plays a very important role in elections. The last major factor that has assisted shift business ethics into the 21st century is that the revolution of information technology has really leveled the playing field for all economies” (Steen, 2007).
Sheth discussed in this article about China and India that they are on the edge of innovative economies and not just about the...

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